Lunch with the Chair

Do you want to get involved but aren’t sure which Sierra Club project fits your interests? Let’s have lunch and talk! The date and place can be arranged Contact John Paul at 409-751-0350 or

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Kathryn Walker GTGSC newsletter 795 19th St, Beaumont, TX 77706-5001

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Coming Up

Golden Triangle Sierra Meeting Notice
Tuesday: February 3
Time: 7:00 PM
Place: Unity Church – 1555 S. 23rd, Beaumont

Program: Waste Not: Shyam Shukla, a Lamar University chemistry professor, and his colleague, research associate professor Andrew Gorpes, have spent the last 23 years developing ways to take food waste and use them as water cleansers, removing metals like copper and arsenic in a 3 phase operation. They are designing a water treatment tower that’s low-tech and low-cost but will be able to naturally filtrate water through sand, gravel, and clay, as well as through other layers. Andrew Gorpes will tell us about the exciting project on Tuesday night.

Dinner and a Movie will be at 5 pm Sunday February 8 at the home of Phil Rogers, 10086 Winzer Road. The feature is "Encounters at the End of the World," a documentary by Werner Herzog about Antarctica and how it affects those who are stationed there. Herzog, as usual, has many unusual observations about what he finds, to say the least.

Phil's house is located south of I-10 at the Smith Road exit past the Ford Arena. Turn left over I-10, cross Hwy124 to Blewett Rd and continue south about 1 mile. After a sharp left turn, turn right at the first road, about 50 yards, and go south about 1and1/2 miles. It is on the right just across from a sign for an Equine veterinary clinic. It is a circular drive so if you pull in the first driveway and go around there will be plenty of room. There is not enough shoulder to park on the road.

Phil is planning on cooking a big pot of venison sausage gumbo with rice and a few other goodies. As a courtesy, he requests you drop him a line (either call or text) if you are coming so he will know about how much to prepare and what might be good to bring. The number is 409-543-4616.

The ballots for the election of officers to the Executive Committee (ExCom) can be downloaded HERE. Pease return by mail to Golden Triangle Sierra Group, 795 19th St, Beaumont, TX 77706 or bring to the February meeting.


The 2015 Trail Between The Lakes spring trip will be April 10-12, Fri-Sun, in the Sabine National Forest. You can hike the entire 28 miles over 3 days, or parts over 2 days or just 1. If you want to backpack you can camp at designated areas on the trail, or you can let us shuttle you from our group campsite to the starting points each day and hike back with just a day pack. RV'ers can camp at Mill Creek, Lakeview, and other spots. Or you can "rough it" in a few motels and lodges in the area.

We will rendezvous each morning at 9 am to meet new hikers arriving on those dates, at the Sportsman's Cafe on Hwy 87 at Six Mile, on Hwy 87 across from the intersection with FM 2928. We will then drive to the group campground a few miles away on FR 109c, and shuttle everyone to each day's trailhead. The campsite is located north from the cafe on Hwy 87 to the intersection with FM 2426, but TURN RIGHT (east) onto FR 109. After about 1 mile, turn right onto FR 109c. It is easy to miss! We will try to put up a Sierra Club sign at the corner. If you go to the firetower, you missed it! The campsite is on the pipeline easement about 1 mile south on FM109c.

Day 1 is normally from mile 1 at Lakeview to the camp, about 10.8 miles, though there is a second spot closer, about 6 miles, for those who prefer.

Day 2 is from the crossing on FM 2426 back to camp, about 9 miles. A closer option exists off FR 152.

Day 3 we strike camp and drive to trail's end off Hwy 96 south of Pineland, then shuttle back to the crossing at FM 2426. This segment is about 9 miles, and relatively flat.

There is no size limit to this outing, but it is important to RSVP so we can plan shuttling (especially if you want the shorter options) and know to expect you and what days you will be there. There are no fees, but your shuttle driver is a volunteer, so offering a little gas cash would be courteous. Meals are not provided. Bring food and water. The Sportsman's cafe is good for breakfast and dinner if you prefer. The site is primitive! The bathrooms are the woods! Cell phone service is spotty! We will provide maps for those who need them.

VERY IMPORTANT to RSVP. Call, text, or email our trip leader, Phil Rogers, at 409-543-4616, or Look us up at and like us on facebook at Golden Triangle Sierra Group.