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April 20, 2012:


    Brian Richter, an international authority on river conservation and the director of The Nature Conservancy’s Global Freshwater Program, will be the keynote speaker for the statewide water conference being held by the Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club in Austin on Friday, April 27.

    The “Water for People and the Environment” conference will explore some of the key ways in which Texas may meet its water challenges through more efficient and effective management of the state’s water resources. Major topics are drought and drought response, innovative water conservation measures, and balancing human and environmental needs in water reuse projects. Deadline for reduced fee pre-registration for the conference is Monday, April 23.
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  • North Texas Cities Moving to Make Twice-Weekly Watering the Norm

    The mayors of Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Irving announced on April 11 that they had joined together to push for the adoption by their cities of twice-a-week outdoor watering restrictions on an ongoing basis as part of an enhanced water conservation effort. The Dallas City Council moved quickly to enact that proposal on April 18, and Arlington municipal officials will consider the proposal next week.

    The Sierra Club and others have commended this initiative by North Central Texas leaders and have noted that the restrictions on outdoor landscape watering will be most effective if they are part of an overall water conservation and education program to help people understand how to use water more efficiently. ...Read the full story

  • EIS Scoping Process Underway for Proposed SpaceX Launching Facility

    SpaceX, a commercial space transportation company, has chosen an approximately 50-acre site in the area at the tip of South Texas known as Boca Chica (about three miles from the Mexican border), for a proposed rocket launching facility. Because the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulates and licenses commercial space launches and launching facilities, the FAA will be responsible for leading the development of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the proposed SpaceX launch facility in South Texas. A notice from the FAA about the preparation of the EIS for this project was issued in early April. A public scoping meeting on the EIS will be held in Brownsville on May 15, and comments on issues to be addressed in the EIS are due by May 30.
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