News Advisory
For Immediate Release: Monday, March 24, 2003

Terror-friendly Nuke Waste Bills to Be Heard in Committee Tuesday
House & Senate Committees to Hear Bills Allowing Mountains of Waste to Be Stored at Low-Security Site in West Texas

WHAT: Texas House & Senate Hearings on Authorizing
National Nuke Waste Dump in West Texas
WHEN: Tuesday, March 25
WHERE: Texas State Capitol, Room E1.012/E1.014
MORE INFO: (512) 477-1729 or (512) 663-4008

The Senate Natural Resources Committee and House Environmental Regulation Committee will hold public hearings Tuesday on SB 824 and HB 1567—identical bills that would allow a private company to open a national nuclear waste dump for federal nuclear weapons waste and nuclear power plants waste in West Texas.

The Committees plan to hold hearings at overlapping times on Tuesday afternoon in adjacent hearing rooms.

The bills would open Texas up to hundreds of truck shipments every year of low-level radioactive waste from Cold War weapons production sites around the country. Once the waste arrives in Andrews County, Texas, it will be unloaded at a low-security dump run by Waste Control Specialists, a private company with an incentive to keep costs low.

The Senate Natural Resources Committee will meet at 1:00 PM in Room E1.012 of the Texas State Capitol. The House Environmental Regulation Committee will meet at 2:00 PM in Room E1.014. Citizens from West Texas and advocates from several environmental groups will testify against the bill.

In a time of uncertainty regarding terrorism and "dirty" nuclear bombs, it is even more important than ever for the state to maintain full control over any nuclear waste management facility that is created in Texas, and for radioactive waste not to be put on trucks and sent through Texas cities. Environmental advocates and concerned citizens will argue that Texas’ radioactive waste, 96% of which comes from nuclear power plants, should be kept in above-ground, long-term storage at one or both of the power plants, which are heavily guarded.


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