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Concho Valley Palo Duro

are currently in reorganization.

If you are interested in helping form a Sierra Club Conservation Committee in your area, please contact the Lone Star Chapter office:
(512) 477-1729 or email lonestar.chapter@sierraclub.org

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News Releases From the Lone Star Chapter

The Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club is an outdoor recreation and conservation organization representing approximately 24,000 Texans in 13 regional groups located throughout the state. Our State Conservation Office located near the State Capitol in Austin serves as a lobbying office and grassroots communications center supporting advocacy and education about our environmental priorities: Clean Air & Water, Smart Energy Solutions, Texas Land & Wildlife Legacy, Responsible Transportation Choices, and Water for People & the Environment. The Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club values diversity and promotes environmental education and environmental justice in our efforts to fulfill our mission to explore, enjoy, and protect our Texas natural heritage and to protect public health.

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