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Sierra Club Addresses State Parks Funding
September 11, 2006

Sierra Club Position on Offshore Drilling
August 1, 2006

Wind Power Comments Due
August 1, 2006

Coal Issues Aired
July 12, 2006

Austin Wins "Green Streets"
June 23, 2006

What's on Tap for South Central Texas?
June 23, 2006

New Nuclear Plants
June 22, 2006

Global Warming Heats Up
June 2, 2006

Enviro Groups Take Global Warming Legal Action: EPA Must Regulate Carbon Pollution States, Enforce Pollution Laws
April 27, 2006

TXU Announces Nine New Coal Fired Power Plants
April 21, 2006

Report: “Green” Taxes Smart Way to Fund Schools, Clear the Air
March 20, 2006

Forum on State Parks Funding Crisis Set for April 7 in Houston - Register Now
March 29, 2006

Friends of the Brazos Contest Brazos River Authority
Systems Operation Permit Application

March 9, 2006

Texas Conservationists Advise Offshore Wind Energy Project
March 2, 2006

Invitation to Chapter Awards Luncheon April 1
February 28, 2006

Texas Water Matters Conference May 12 in Austin
February 23, 2006

Mercury Study Puts Spotlight on Govenor Perry and TXU
February 9, 2006

Coal Power Threatens Texans's Health
February 6, 2006

Sierra Club study links El Paso lead to ASARCO
January 31, 2006

Sierra Club Acts to Overturn Paper Mill Wastewater Permit
January 12, 2006

Sierrans Help Repair Hurricane Damaged Trails
January 11, 2006

Spotlight Shifts to Governor Perry After Illinois Raises the Bar for Mercury Protections
January 5, 2006

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Publications are available online in PDF format. Acrobat Viewer required.

Alternative Water Managements Strategies for the 2006 South Central Texas Water Plan
Promotes aggressive conservation, expanded groundwater storage and responsible drought management to meet future water demands.

Sierra Club Water Sentinels Water Quality Report on the Bosque and Leon River Watersheds
Data collected by volunteer Sierra Club Water Sentinels 2002-2004 related to industrial dairy operations on historical water quality in two rivers in North Central Texas

2004 Houston Water Conference Proceedings
Great speakers and timely topics with brief reports of their presentations at the 2004 Houston Water Conference: Water and the Future of the Texas Coast (a Water for People and the Environment conference).

Water Loss from Texas Water Suppliers
Due to water leaks, inaccurate meters, and theft, between ten and fourteen percent of the water produced by Texas water utilities is unaccounted-for or lost.

What is Low Level Radioactive Waste and Why Should I Care?
Designed to give Texans information about "Low Level" Radioactive Wastes issues so they can get involved in the decision making process.

Grassroots Organizing on Texas Water Issues
A publication designed to provide information to help Texans get involved in the decision making process for water issues.

Facts About Texas Water
A publication designed to give all Texans basic information about water that will help them understand this important resource and how to use and protect it. Available only in PDF format.


Facts About Your Water Supply
A publication designed to provide Texans with an overview of various water management and protection entities at the state, regional, and local level.

Murky Waters: Industrial Dairies and the Failure to Regulate
A Texas Water Sentinels Campaign report, Murky Waters details the proliferation of the dairy industry in the Bosque and Leon River watersheds of North Central Texas, the lack of regulation and enforcement by the state environmental agency, and the subsequent water quality pollution that has resulted.
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Special Places of Texas
A publication highlighting significant areas of Texas in need of conservation, Special Places intends to raise public awareness and build public support.

Mountain or Molehill?
Low Level Radioactive Waste in Texas

A study focusing on the foundations for discussion of low-level radioactive waste management policy: How much waste is actually produced in Texas by whom, how much space it takes up, and how this waste relates to the need for a new dump site. (953 KB)

Lone Star Sierran
The newsletter of the Lone Star Chapter. Published quarterly.

State Capitol Report
A Lone Star Chapter publication covering the environmental actions of Texas state agencies and the Legislature.

Texas Legislature Voting Records, 1993-2003 are available in PDF format.

Studies focusing on the voting records of the individual members of the Texas Legislature. A short narrative describes the bills tracked by the Sierra Club and each legislator's recorded votes.