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Houston Regional Group - Contribute

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How You Can Help Us

Dear Houston Sierra Club Supporter,

It takes both volunteer dedication and money to keep our local work going.  This year the Houston Group will receive no part of the annual dues paid by members to the national Sierra Club (in the past we have usually received about $2,500 each year).   Although we are taking measures to reduce costs, it now appears that the cost of delivering the Bayou Banner to members and others will be about $8,000 this year, even though many members will get it electronically.  We must fund that, meeting room costs, and our vital conservation work via other means.

The Houston Sierra Club is one of the strongest defenders of our local environment.   We speak – we write – we act – we volunteer in defense of clean air and water, forest protection, a strong park system, trustworthy floodplain maps, and a healthy future for people and our patch of the Earth.  This year is especially important because of the our lawsuit to prevent the construction of Segment E of the Grand Parkway, which will be funded though our Katy Prairie Legal Fund Appeal.

Help us to continue our work with your contribution.  Your gift will greatly help our local efforts.  If you have any questions, please contact me at 713-748-8133 or at

Sincerely, Jim Williams
Chairperson, Houston Regional Group of the Sierra Club

Contributions made from our website via PayPal go to the Sierra Club - Houston Group, a 501(c)(4) organization.
These contributions help support our effective, citizen-based advocacy and lobbying programs, and, therefore, are NOT tax-deductible.



General Contributions

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Katy Prairie Legal Fund Appeal

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Bayou Banner Publication Support

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If you prefer to mail your contribution, please send your donation check -  payable to "Sierra Club - Houston Group" - to:

Sierra Club - Houston Group
P.O. Box 3021
Houston, TX 77253-3021

If tax deductibility is important to you, we still value your help and welcome your contribution, but we are unable to process these transactions on-line.  Please mail your donation check -  payable to "The Sierra Club Foundation" - to:

Sierra Club Foundation
c/o Sierra Club - Houston Group
P.O. Box 3021
Houston, TX 77253-3021

Please put "Houston Group" on the memo line

Use of tax-deductible contributions is limited to Sierra Club environmental education efforts and other purposes permitted by law.  The Sierra Club Foundation is a public charity under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).

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