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PRAIRIE FEST - SATURDAY, APRIL 26.  Don’t miss the 9th annual PrairiePraire fest Fest, Fort Worth’s annual solar-powered festival offering unique outdoor adventures for children and families, along with tasty food, live musical entertainment, and trailside storytellers.  Relax on the hillside and enjoy good food, flowers, and fun.  Get to know your local prairie!  Plan your date with nature for the last Saturday in April, 11:00 a.m. till dusk.  Admission is free.  The Greater Fort Worth Sierra Club will have a booth set up, so please drop by!  For more information about Prairie Fest events and for a map and directions, please visit http://tandyhills.org/fest.

Keep Informed by Email

The Fort Worth Sierra Club has several email lists you can subscribe to in order to stay informed about club news, outings and conservation issues. Click on the names of the lists below to be taken to the subscription page for each list. If you have any difficulty with the subscription process, please send an email to fw.sierra.listserve(AT)gmail.com.

LONESTAR-FTW-NEWS - this list will be sent out once or twice a month unless something urgent comes up.
LONESTAR-FTW-OUTINGS-NEWS - periodic lists of upcoming outings and notices about last-minute changes to outings schedule.
LONESTAR-FTW-CONS-FORUM - a discussion list for conservation issues, meant primarily for discussion of local and state issues. Please keep in mind that this is a discussion list and any subscriber can send a message. As a result this
list may get a lot of emails, some of which may be off-topic.

Gas Drilling

Sierra Club
The national Sierra Club has a website about the issues involved with Natural Gas drilling. The website has links to a lot of information and news:

Nationally, Sierra Club policy regarding gas drilling, especially hydrofracking, is evolving rapidly. Club drilling activists are working to strengthen Club policy and resources regarding gas drilling in many ways. If you would like to get involved in this process, the best place to start is by joining the Hydrofracking Team on the Sierra Club Activist Network.

North Central Texas Communities Alliance
The North Central Communities Alliance (NCTCA) is a relatively new organization that defines itself as a "coalition of individuals, organizations, and communities throughout the Barnett Shale" who will work for "positive solutions to the problems of natural gas drilling and pipelines" from city hall to Washington, D.C.. They have quickly become a very effective organization working to great effect both locally and at the state level.

Texas OGAP
EARTHWORKS has a campaign in Texas focused on the problems involved with extraction of Oil and Gas - the Texas Oil & Gas Accountability Project, otherwise known as Texas OGAP. Texas OGAP has issued a set of best management practices named "Drill Right Texas: Best Oil & Gas Development Practices for Texas".