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NWEI book discussions

Host or participate in a book discussion


Coordinator: Chris Unruh  

Northwest Earth Institute is an education-oriented nonprofit based in Portland Oregon. Their vision of raising awareness of environmental issues through small, community-based book discussion groups has spread across the US and is growing in North Texas.

There are several Northwest Earth Institute (NWEI) book discussions that you can facilitate or participate in:

  • Exploring Deep Ecology (8 sessions)
  • Choices for Sustainable Living (7 sessions)
  • Voluntary Simplicity (7 sessions)
  • Discovering a Sense of Place (7 sessions)
  • Globalization and Its Critics (8 sessions)
  • Health Children - Healthy Planet (7 sessions)
  • Global Warming: Changing Course (4 sessions)

A typical NWEI book discussion group runs for 7-8 weeks. Participants might meet at a local restaurant, someone’s home, a place or worship, or a workplace.

How To Host An NWEI Discussion

  1. Contact Chris and indicate:
    • which discussion group you would like to host
    • the time and date (e.g., Thursdays, 7-9 pm, starting on March 6th)
    • which area (e.g., East Dallas, Plano, Flower Mound)
    • where you would like to have it (e.g., at your home, at a restaurant (and if you’re not sure, Chris can help you find a venue)
  2. Chris will post announcements about your group and interested participants will start to contact you.
  3. Keep in mind that your first meeting will be to distribute the books and collect the payments ($18/book). The second week will start off the discussions.
  4. Send out a notice a few days before, reminding everyone of the time and location of the initial meeting, and that they will need to make their checks payable to 'The Dallas Sierra Club.'
  5. At the initial meeting, collect funds and give them to Chris. Remind everyone to read the first chapter.
  6. Hold your first discussion!
  7. During your discussions, make sure to arrange for different people to: a)  facilitate each weekly discussion, and b) do the opener for each discussion.
  8. Make sure at the end of the discussions to collect all the feedback forms and give them to Chris.
  9. Have a Big Celebration after your final discussion!