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New Sustainable Living Discussion Course

One of the best-loved courses offered through Northwest Earth Institute will begin another dynamic new discussion group starting up soon!  Act now to reserve your spot.

When: 7 sessions beginning Thursday evenings beginning August 14, 2008
Time:  6:30 to eat, 7:00 Discussion
Duration:  Eight weeks including final Celebration
Where:  Whole Foods, SE Corner of Preston Forest Village, 11700 Preston Road, 75230   214-265-3100
Cost:  $20 for book, payable at first class in check or cash.

Class Leader:  David Hale.  Please contact him to reserve your place in this class.

Choices for Sustainable Living explores the meaning of sustainable living and the ties between lifestyle choices and their impact on the earth.  In this course, you will be involved in defining the meaning of a truly 'sustainable' society from a Gaia standpoint, and discuss how and where humans can fit into the picture less obstructively than we currently do.  Additionally, we'll be examining the earth’s ‘natural organizing principles’ and discussing how they might be applied to the design and production or everyday products.  Also, we’ll look at the huge topic of food, a subject which has been making headline news in recent months as concerned folks start to revisit the formerly obvious connection between energy/food/humanity.

Finally, we'll look at how and why we as a society feel compelled to buy and consume so many new products and items, both from a psychological and financial standpoint, and learn how to make more informed decisions.

"Sustainability, not better weapons or struggles for power or material accumulation, is the ultimate challenge to the energy and creativity of the human race"
- Meadows, Meadows and Randers

The Choices for Sustainable Living course reawakened me to how I connect to and influence the world and my community and it inspired me to make changes toward greater sustainability."
- Little Rock, Arkansas course participant

"The Choices for Sustainable Living course is wonderful! I am learning so much and my eyes are opening every day to new ways I can help make things right for the planet. Thank you for creating such great learning materials!"
-Ginger Strand, Dallas, TX