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Population Committee Chair for Texas Chapter & Dallas Group: Gayle Loeffler, 817-430-3035.
Gayle is also a member of the National Committee on Global Population & Environment Program.  

Sierra Club's Global Population and Environment Program aims to protect the global environment andpreserve natural resources for future generations by advancing global reproductive health and sustainable development initiatives.

Our program has five objectives:

  1. Make the population-environment connection
  2. Promote voluntary family planning around the world and in the U.S.
  3. Advance sustainable development solutions that address poverty and gender inequity
  4. Empower youth with our 'Youth Action for the Global Environment' campaign
  5. Curb our ecological footprint

You can learn more about the program by clicking here.  

Join Our Speaking Team


Can you speak to others about the relationship between population and environment? There are several presentations (ranging between 10 and 60 minutes) that you can choose from. There are also films available. Gayle will provide you with the presentation materials, the speaking venues, and the training. 


Contact Your Members of Congress


There are several important bills coming up in 2008. These include:

  • The Global Poverty Act, Bill Number: S 2433
  • The Repairing Young Women's Lives around the World Act, Bill Number: HR 2114
  • The Women's Health and Dignity Act, Bill Number: HR 2604
  • The Focus on Family Health Worldwide Act, Bill Number: HR 1225
  • The GROWTH Act, Bill Number: S 2069
  • The Global Democracy Promotion Act, Bill Number: HR 619, Bill Number: S 1744
  • The REAL Act, Bill Number: HR 1653, Bill Number: S 972
  • The Prevention First Act, Bill Number: HR 819, Bill Number S 21
  • The Access to Birth Control (ABC) Act, Bill Number: HR 2596, S 1555

You can learn more about these specific bills by going to Legislative Tracker. Upon familiarizing yourself with these bills, please contact your Members of Congress. For more information on how to do this, please see Tips for Communicating With Your Members of Congress.