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Like every other non-profit organization, the Dallas Sierra Club must fundraise to finance its activities.  Every volunteer hour spent on fundraising is an hour that cannot be spent working with ICO kids, doing conservation advocacy, or leading outings.  Help us be a more effective organization by supporting us financially, whether it's $5, $25 or more.  There are two ways to contribute:  (1) a tax-deductible contribution payable to the Sierra Club Foundation, which finances our educational work; or (2) a contribution payable to the Dallas Sierra Club to support our political activities, which are essential to our mission but which are not tax-deductible.  Either way, 100% of your contribution will benefit the Dallas Sierra Club.  Please use the commitment form (please print and fill out this PDF form) to make a donation and send it to the address below.

Dallas Sierra Club
P.O. Box 800365
Dallas TX 75380-0365

You can also donate through our secure online payment option (on-line donations are not tax-deductible). If you would like to donate on-line, just click the button below.

As always, thank you for all the ways you support the Dallas Sierra Club.