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The Dallas Sierra Club is an all-volunteer grass roots organization. We share a common interest in protecting the health of our families, environment and planet. We welcome your ideas, suggestions and criticisms. Please feel welcome to contact any of the Dallas Regional Group volunteers listed below to discuss your concerns and interests.

Our mailing address is: Dallas Sierra Club, P.O. Box 800365, Dallas TX 75380-0365

Click a topic below to see a list of volunteers who can talk with you.
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executive committee / officers

To reach a member of the Dallas Regional Group's Executive Committee regarding general matters of Club policy and operations, contact any of the following volunteer leaders.

Chair Wendel Withrow 972-416-2500
Vice Chair Peter Wilson 214-454-6879
Treasurer Ginger Bradley 469-223-7902
Secretary open  
David Gray 214-342-2019
Bill Greer 972-247-0446
Robin Sowton 214-680-8349
  Mark Stein 214-526-3733


To reach someone about going on a Sierra Club outing, look at the Outings Listing and contact the listed trip leader. To reach someone about general Outings concerns, contact any of the following volunteer leaders.

Outings Chair Bill Greer 972-247-0446
Outings Vice-chair Mark Stein 214-526-3733
Backpacking Mark Adams 972-658-1281
Bicycling Bill Beach 214-662-3224
Bus Trip Coordinator Liz Wheelan 214-368-2306
Canoeing / Kayaking Terry Sullivan 972-492-3038
Car Camping Bob Gates 972-678-1221
Day Hiking Judy Cato 972-238-5738
Family Outings Volunteer Needed  
Service Outings Ginger Bradley 469-223-7902
Training Liz Wheelan 214-368-2306

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conservation issues

To reach someone about conservation issues, contact any of the following volunteer leaders.

Conservation Co-Chair Mike Rawlins 972-783-0962
Conservation Co-Chair Robin Sowton 214-680-8349
Clean Air Molly Rooke 214-369-6667
Education Robin Sowton 214-680-8349
Green Building Arthur Kuehne 214-902-9260
Media Rita Beving Griggs 214-373-3808
Population Gayle Loeffler 817-430-3035
Recycling Barbara Carr 214-559-3791
Responsible Trade Molly Rooke 214-369-6667
Sustainability Margie Haley 214-823-1537
Trinity River, Rivers, Wetlands David Gray 214-342-2019

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special interests

To reach someone about other special interests, contact any of the following volunteer leaders.

Adopt a Shoreline Carol Nash 214-824-0244
Fundraising Wendel Withrow 972-416-2500
Inner City Outings Liz Wheelan 214-368-2306
Membership Bill Beach 214-662-3224
Newsletter Editors  
Photography Wendel Withrow 972-416-2500
Political David Griggs 972-406-9667
Programs Kirk Miller 972-699-1687
Sierra Singles Paul Heller
Ginger Bradley
Sierra Student Coalition Anna Pierce 214-212-1033
Video Volunteer Needed
Volunteers Wendel Withrow 972-416-2500
Webmaster Arthur Kuehne 214-902-9260
Young Sierrans Peter Wilson
Candace Weinberg

new address

Have you moved?  Let us know by sending your old address, your new address and your member number (look on the upper left corner of your mailing label) to:

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