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"To educate and enlist humanity to protect and restore the quality of the natural and human environment."

Think there's nothing you can do to help preserve our Earth? Individuals and small groups have a tremendous, lasting impact when they choose to act. Learn more by coming to a monthly meeting, or talk to one of the conservation leaders about your interests.

speaking opportunities

Need a speaker for your group? Sierra Club volunteers are available to come talk about recycling, global warming, and other environmental issues. Contact Ann Drumm

Do you enjoy sharing your knowledge with others? Do you have a specific area of knowledge that you would like to share? We frequently get requests for speakers and this can be a very effective way to communicate a green message to a larger audience. It's also a great opportunity to grow your own knowledge on a specific subject. If you have a presentation that you could deliver or you would be interested in delivering an existing presentation, please contact Robin Sowton. A few examples of presentations delivered this year: Improving Home Energy Efficiency, Tapping North Texas Water, The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and Greening Your Home.

Do you know someone who would be an excellent speaker for our General Meetings? If you know someone who can speak about green building, alternative energy, organic gardening, a local conservation issue, or any other related topic... please contact Kirk Miller

cool cities campaign

The Dallas Sierra Club is getting more cities on board the Cool Cities train! We’re asking mayors of all cities all over North Texas to sign the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement and make a commitment to address global warming by making their cities more energy-efficient. There’s a lot you can do to help! We'll provide all the training!

Cool Cities volunteer opportunities: Can you join others to lobby your mayor, speak to groups, or help find speaking venues? Does your city not have a cool cities campaign and you would like to lead one? Click here for more details and contact Lee Berryman-Tedman.

book discussions

The Dallas Sierra Club provides book discussions where you can meet with others to discuss books on a wide range of topics. Our most popular book discussion series is based on Northwest Earth Institute’s (NWEI) books which include: Deep Ecology, Sustainable Living, Voluntary Simplicity, Globalization, Global Warming, etc. A typical NWEI book discussion group runs for 9 weeks and participants meet at a local restaurant or someone’s home. 

NWEI volunteer opportunities: Would you like to host an NWEI book discussion group? Or would you like to participate in one of these discussion groups? We can help you get set up with books and find participants for your group. If you’re interested, click here for more details and contact Chris Unruh

take action papers - conservation 101

"Take Action!" is designed to inform fellow Sierrans and others about key conservation issues that they can each take action on. Currently, we have volunteers putting together papers on a variety of topics ranging from energy to sustainable food to wildlife conservation. When completed, these papers will be available online.

Take Action! volunteer opportunities: If there is a topic that you're interested in and it isn't listed at the Take Action! page, please contact Robin Sowton.

global population and environment

Sierra Club's Global Population and Environment Program aims to protect the global environment and preserve natural resources for future generations by advancing global reproductive health and sustainable development initiatives.

Population volunteer opportunities: Can you write articles, or letters to the editors? Can you write or email your members of Congress? Can you speak to groups about the relationship between population and environment? Would you be willing to table? Click here for more details and contact Gayle Loeffler. She'll provide you with the presentation materials, the speaking venues, and the training.

recycling guide

Conservation starts at home! Think globally, act locally comes down to your own garbage can. Over half of Americans have done something to change their lifestyle to make it more environmentally sustainable. And of those, over nine in ten are recycling in some way, shape or form. To find out more about recycling options in our area, go recycling page for more information. If you have questions about recycling or recycling campaigns, contact Barbara Carr at 214.559-3791.

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