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Welcome to the Sierra Club Cross Timbers Group Web Site.

The Cross Timbers membership area covers North Texas from just north of Dallas/Fort Worth to the Red River.  The group name refers to the entangled scrubby oak woodlands which once covered portions of Oklahoma and North Texas.  The difficulty of crossing these timbers presented a very real barrier to early travelers, whether by traveling horseback, wagon, or foot and so they coined the term cross timbers for the area.  Few large stands of these woodlands remain in North Texas, but some examples still exist such as those near the shores of Lake Texhoma.

Sierra Club Mission Statement

To explore, enjoy, and protect the wild places of the earth;
To practice and promote the responsible use of the earth's ecosystems and resources;
To educate and enlist humanity to protect and restore the quality of the natural and human environment; and to use all lawful means to carry out these objectives.

The Sierra Club mission of preservation and enjoyment of the natural environment reverberates throughout all its chapters and local groups.  The enduring strength and prestige of the Sierra Club stems not only from the programs and work of the national organization, but also from the dedicated efforts of its local groups.  The grass roots of the organization are made strong by the diverse interests and special concerns of local groups and individual members.


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