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Get Involved!

Your presence at a meeting or public hearing, your letters, phone calls, emails or faxes can make a difference.  Your personal involvement can influence the opinion and actions of the decision makers and other citizens.

In many cases, letters expressing support or opposition for a particular legislative or regulatory proposal are what is needed.  Sometimes it is bodies or speakers at a meeting.  And from time to time, we need volunteers to help  plan, prepare, lead or assist in club activities.

Check this page often,-- we'll keep it updated for the important local and national issues where your input is needed.  If you know about additional issues where timely activism is key, let us know!  Go to the Contacts page and send email or call an EXCOM member.

Below are descriptions of issues or events where your involvement is needed. 

Also, see the Watch List page for information about the efforts of those groups whose mission may differ from the Sierra Club.

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