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                                 COASTAL BEND SIERRA CLUB GROUP MEETING MINUTES  MAY 2014


The Coastal Bend Sierra Club Group (CBSCG) met on Tuesday, May 6 in the Retama Room of the Corpus Christi Public Library at 805 Comanche Street from 12:00 noon until 1:15 pm.  After opening the meeting and reminding members that meeting minutes are posted on the CBSCG website, Chairperson Lois Huff read Treasurer Teresa Carrillo’s report.  Teresa reported that $165 was raised from the plant sale at Earth Day/Bay Day and that $100 is owed to CBBF for sponsorship fees and that some printing expenses are outstanding.  Lois stated that our annual fee of $62 for the post office box is also due, and she said that the membership report for March shows 497 individual memberships.


Under new business, Lois announced that Lone Star Sierra is seeking a regional group that would be interested in hosting the awards celebration next September.  She also announced that National Sierra is recruiting members interested in becoming transportation activists who would advocate for mass transit, and she reminded members that Saturday, May 17 has been designated as a day for groups to show opposition to the Keystone Pipeline.


Also under new business, Lois called on Pat Suter, who announced that Hal Suter was on Sierra business in Washington D.C. and that he would write an e-mail report describing his activities upon his return.  Lois noted that Mina Williams and Venice Scheurich have done research on the Padre Island land which the General Land Office (GLO) has announced its intention to sell in the near future.  Several members have attended meetings of the Kleberg County Commissioners Court where they expressed their opinion favoring sale to the Nature Conservancy which would then make it possible for the National Park Service (NPS) to become steward of the 3,680 acres in question.  One Nueces County Commissioner is working toward his goal of having Nueces County purchase and maintain the land for the purpose of becoming a Nueces County Park, but the Nueces County Commissioners Court has not acted on this matter.


Under old business, the coming Membership Bash at Jeanne Adams’ home is scheduled for May 15. Invitations are being mailed. Once again, a silent auction will be held and items are needed.  Call Lois at 361-774-1500 or Teresa at 361-960-8808 if you want help with drop-off or pick-up of items which you are donating for the auction.  Also under old business, Carolyn Moon completed and submitted the required paper work assuring that CBSCG can hold monthly meetings in the Retama Room next year.


Standing committee reports were given on several topics.  Joyce Jarmon was just back from attending the May 6 Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) meeting.  She stated that an excellent report was given on expansion of ship and barge business at the Port of Corpus Christi and work is underway to accommodate the dramatic changes which are rapidly occurring.  Venice Scheurich reported that Kemp’s ridley sea turtle nesting season has started and that three nests have been documented on Padre Island National Seashore as of May 5.  Carolyn Moon reported that a local building contractor who had attended some of the city-sponsored sustainability committee meetings is now incorporating several of the things discussed there—water use, energy efficiency, landscaping, etc.-- in his new housing developments. John Adams stated that he has recently learned about a San Antonio company which is working on geothermal energy and desalination, and he hopes that CBBF may soon invite personnel from that company to speak at a CBBF forum in Corpus Christi.  In the matter of hydraulic fracturing (fracking), Lois called members’ attention to the May 1, 2014 Forum (Corpus Christi Caller-Times) by David Spence of the U.T. McCombs School of Business.  His piece discusses local opposition to and regulation of fracking by local governments.


Submitted by Venice Scheurich, May 6, 2014.





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