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                                     "When we try to pick out anything
                                                by itself, we find it
                                                hitched to everything else
                                                in the universe."

                               -John Muir

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                     South Texas Uranium News Link to Greg Harman's article in the San Antonio Current 10-03-07


Mark your Calendars

Sept. 26 (Houston) and Sept. 27 (Beaumont) Lone Star Sierra Coastal Public Forums
                                                                                    on Freshwater Inflows. Call Jennifer Walker
                                                                                    523-477-1729 for more information
Oct. 8 Coastal Bend Issues Forum Beach Cleaning and Seaweed Management, NRC Bldg. at TAMU, Room 1003.
                                                                                    Social 5:30; Program 6pm

Oct. 16,  2007
Time: 11:30AM - 1:00PM
Place: The Central Library on Comanche, La Retama Room


COASTAL BEND SIERRA CLUB - September 2007 Meeting Minutes

The Coastal Bend Sierra Club met from 11:30 am until 1:00 pm at the Central Library, 805 Comanche Street.
After welcoming members and reminding them that minutes of previous meetings are on our website,

Chairperson Pat Suter reminded members to mark their calendars for the next meeting to be held on
October 16 and for the Coastal Bend Bays Foundation’s Forum on Beach Cleaning and Seaweed
Management at 5:30 pm on October 8 in Room 1003 of the NRC building on the TAMUCC campus.
Newsletters will be mailed out only bimonthly this year.

Kathy Griffith, Membership Committee Chair, could not attend today’s meeting, but did send written
comments to Pat Suter for members to consider. Kathy suggests that our Coastal Bend group could host
one or two general membership meetings annually at which time there would be a program that would
be of interest to a majority of members. After considerable discussion regarding timing, location, and
program contents for such meetings, it was agreed that our group would give more thought, discussion,
and planning to this suggestion in the near future.

Teresa Carrillo, Treasurer, submitted a written report to members which detailed the status of CDs,
checking account activity, and outstanding expenses as of September 18, 2007. She also suggested
that members continue to hold the April garage sales which usually bring in between $300 and $400,
and she recommended an appeal to members in a newsletter which would bring in additional dollars
to cover mail-out and other expenses.

Hal Suter, Political Chair and Representative on the Lone Star Sierra Club Executive Committee,
reported that immigration and environmentalism were once again becoming intertwined with the
proposed construction of a massive Border Wall along the Rio Grande. Habitat would be destroyed and
restriction of wildlife movement could be disastrous for some of the endangered species such as ocelots
that require back and forth movement between Mexico and the USA. In California and Arizona,
the unprecedented power now wielded by the Secretary of Homeland Security was used to "waive in their
entirety" federal laws such as the Endangered Species Act, the Migratory Bird Act, and the Clean Water Act

so that expeditious construction of the Wall can begin. For this reason, Lone Star Sierra’s Executive
Committee voted in August to join a potpourri of groups that are opposing the erection of the massive fence.

Hal also reported that Lone Star Sierra, at their annual meeting in August, decided that at the January 2008
meeting they will discuss establishment of a Trade Committee and a Mining Committee. Activation of the
Mining Committee is motivated by the surge of uranium leasing, exploration, and mining activity across
South Texas and the resulting potential contamination and depletion of the state’s groundwater.

Joyce Jarmon and Edith Cosgrove serve on the community’s Long Term Health Care Committee and on the
Community Advisory Council. Air quality in the area is of primary concern. In August, the Council heard a report
on the recent Citgo case in Federal Court in which Citgo was found guilty of pollution and of having open tanks.
Joyce and Edie believe that local air quality is gradually improving and that recent installation of air monitors
across the city and the fact that companies must report regularly through committee meetings and other forums
are being helpful in bringing about the improvements.

Venice Scheurich, Conservation Chair, reported that this year’s record nesting activity of the Kemp’s ridley
sea turtles on the Texas Coast resulted in extensive coverage and good publicity by the local media.
The Caller-Times ran a long front page story about the Padre Island program on September 3, and followed
with a thoroughly researched lead editorial on September 8 which honored and praised Dr. Donna Shaver
and her staff for their efforts over a period of decades to restore this endangered species. Also, USA Today
listed the Padre Island Turtle Project as one of the few from several hundred National Parks’ projects which have
been chosen to receive the designation of Centennial Challenge Project. If Congress agrees to fund this

National Park Centennial Initiative, the Padre Island Sea Turtle Program would receive significant funding
for their continued work.

Mina Williams, Vice-Chair, reported on the extensive uranium exploration and mining activity in South Texas—
especially in Kleberg and Goliad counties. The Goliad County group is currently working to advise their citizens
of the potential harm to the Gulf Coast Aquifer from which their water supply is obtained if exploration continues
and mining takes place. Mina reported that Lone Star Sierra Media Director, Donna Hoffman, is working with the
Uranium Research and Advisory Committee in Goliad to hold a press conference at one of the exploration sites
on September 26. Also, Mina distributed copies of a brochure prepared by the Goliad research group on uranium
mining and its implications for landowners.

Lois Huff, Chief Executive Officer of the Coastal Bend Bays Foundation, reminded members of the program at
the forum on October 8 on the important issue of seaweed management on beaches. Some current methods
which are locally used are detrimental to the beaches. Lois also announced that the CBBF awards banquet
will be in November and that nominations are due in by October 11. The November forum will be held on the
first Monday, November 5, instead of the usual date of the second Monday.

Submitted by Venice Scheurich



Clean Air

Reduction of toxic and other harmful emissions from industrial plants and electric power
generating plants and prevention of air quality teterioration by a proliferation of new
coal-fired power plants.

* through enactment of legislation to tighten the review and regulation of the health impacts
   of air pollution sources and to respond more effectively to the continuing problem of
   "upset" air emissions; and
* through a moratorium on permitting of new coal-fired power plants in Texas to allow
   a thorough review of the proposed plant technologies and the cumulative air quality
   impacts of those plants

Environmental Flow Protection

Preservation and provision of instream flows and freshwater inflows to bays and
estuaries necessary to maintain healthy fish and wildlife populations.

through enactment of legislation establishing a process to determine and to meet
  environmental flow needs necessary to maintain a sound ecological environment
   in Texas coastal bays & associated river basins

Smart Energy Solutions

More efficient use of energy and increased reliance on renewable energy sources

* through standards for greater energy efficiency for appliances sold in Texas and new buildings
   and homes built in Texas; and
* an increase in the renewable standard portfolio of electric power utility providers

State & Local Parks Funding

A dependable source of funding for acquisition, maintenance, and management of
Texas state & local parks to meet growing habitat preservation and outdoor recreation needs

through raising or eliminating the cap on the revenue from the sporting goods tax that is
   allocated to state & local parks, supplementing sporting goods tax revenue with other
   fee revenue, and/or pursuing voter approval of bonds adequate to meet park repair and
   acquisition needs over the next decade

Water Conservation

More efficient use of water by Texas consumers, agricultural producers, businesses,
and institutions through conservation

through enactment of the legislative recommendations of the Texas Water Conservation
   Implementation Task Force, including expansion of existing conservation planning
   requirements to a larger number or retail water suppliers


                          COASTAL BEND GROUP

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Bill Alling 289-9090 Air Quality
Kathy Griffith 578-5291 Membership/Publicity
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