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        redhot.gif (1175 bytes)The Corpus Christi Experiment VX Nerve Agent Disposal by Bill Alling
 Should This City Be the Waste Dump
              for Chemical Weapons Residue??
                Bill Alling's Letter to The Caller-Times
  redhot.gif (1175 bytes) URGENT!

                  This summer is a critical time for the future of the shrimp industry and the future of the endangered sea turtles
                  and the whole ecology of the Texas Coast. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.
Email Paul Hammerschmidt to facilitate proposed Southern Closure Regulation

             redhot.gif (1175 bytes)KEMPS RIDLEY TURTLE UPDATE by Mina Williams &Venice Scheurich

       redhot.gif (1175 bytes)Governor George Bush: His Environmental Legacy by Pat Suter
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EARTH DAY 2000 by Pat Suter


                                        COASTAL BEND GROUP
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         * Pat Suter                   852-7938              Chairman

         * Randy Berryhill        883-0586        Vice Chairman

         * Judy Tor                  241-2605                Treasurer

         * Dorothy McLaren   883-0435                 Secretary

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Next Meeting: Tuesday September 19, 2000

The next meeting  is still scheduled forl September 19 and will be held at the
Art Community Center as usual.

Art Community Center, 100 Shoreline
Lunch, 11:15 a.m., Business meeting, 12:15 p.m.

(You may bring your lunch to the business meeting if your
time is limited.)

NOW!! Email Paul Hammerschmidt to facilitate proposed Southern Closure Regulation
See URGENT! article for more info.
August 29
The city of Corpus Christi is hoping to found a Tax Increment District on Padre Island
with the goal of dredging Packery Channel. This is in spite of the negative
vote of the public last summer.  Plan to attend the hearing.

August 31
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department public hearing on shrimping regulations in Austin.

This is the hottest month of the year and true to form, public agencies and the city council are busy trying to put something over the public. The most frustrating issue is the attempt to the city council/ Nueces County to go around the negative vote of the public last year on the county bond proposal. The vote was 54-46, but that does not deter the public officials who want the proposals built anyway. The excuse is that the public voted against a tax to pay for these and not the issues themselves. Are they kidding themselves? Must be.

The city is planning to start a tax increment finance district which in theory will collect enough money through development resulting from the dredging of Packery Channel to pay for the channel. Again, they must be kidding themselves. They try to tell us that the general public will not have to pay anything, that growth alone will pay the cost. If you believe that, remember the Columbus Ships and the Aquarium. We are paying for both in spite of a tax increment district downtown which was supposed to take care of the debts.

Please plan to attend the public hearing on August 29 even though it is a farce. The city council plans to pass the thing right after the public has had their say. In other words, they do NOT plan to listen to what you think. They listen only to the developers, bankers, insurance people, realtors and others who will profit from this channel. No concern for the negative aspects of the project, let alone our vote last summer has surfaced so far.

The other major issue is the shrimping regulations and the public hearing in Austin on August 31. If you cannot attend, please write the commissioners by August 21. The endangered turtles will thank you.

Big things are planned for fall. In September we will have a guest from Austin come and talk about forests and clear cutting. Then in October we will host the LONE STAR CHAPTER EXCOM meeting. More on both of these in the next update.