SEPTEMBER 21, the third Tuesday in the month will be the date for the next meeting. It will probably be at the Art Community Center at noon, but things may change before then. Check this site again for the latest word.



As residents from Corpus Christi know (and most of our members come from Corpus Christi and Nueces County) a major defeat at the polls occured on June 12. The citizens voted 54-46 to defeat the "all-or-nothing" proposition by the county. This included raising the Kennedy Causeway as the "blackmail" to get the voters to also approve dredging Packery Channel and building a Fairgrounds in Robstown.

It is my belief that opposition to Packery Channel had a very large part in the defeat of the county proposal. After all, some 8300 people here in the city signed a petition in 1988 to ask the city for a vote on Packery Channel when it was part of Ralph Durdan's Lake Padre development. If the city did not want to call a vote, then they were asked to withdraw their support for the channel. The city council chose to remove Packery Channel from their plans for the island development.

The letters our members have written to members of Congress also have contributed to their reluctance to actually approve the $19.5 million promised for the channel. Keep those letters going and also contact County Judge Richard Borchard by phone (888-0444).

The 1999 session of the Texas legislature is now over and we can all breathe again. The results were both good and bad. Unfortunately, the "grandfathered" position of Governor Bush is still with us. And the TNRCC succeeded in having some questionable additons to some bills which will restrict our ability to protest permits and other needed inputs to that state agency.

But funding was obtained for our bays and estuaries and for some form of erosion control of beaches. Probably the next year or so will see studies of just what to do that has a chance of lasting.

Rep. Ortiz
House Office Bldg
Washington, D.C. 20515