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Time:  11:15 for Lunch; 12:15   Business Meeting
Place:  Art Community Center, 100 Shoreline

Topics for Discussion:

Topics discussed included new drilling on Padre Island National Seashore (PINS), Packery Channel,
Corpus Christi Marina "development" proposals, and garbage, fittingly.

Johnny French, marine biologist recently retired from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, hit some of the
main points of his critique of an Environmental Assessment (EA) made re conditions fordrilling on PINS
by BNP Corp. He said that the EA makes findings of direct and cumulative damage to PINS resources then
concludes that the resources will suffer "no impairment" or damage. French asks, "How can that be?" Nor
does the EA identify how PINS is to monitor BNP compliance with mitigation measures to avoid/minimize
impacts to resources, including turtles. He answered questions from members. (BNP is drilling now; it was
a controversy in the recent state senator race in this area. State Lone Star chapter is looking into this issue.)

Packery: We looked at a City plan for retail shops along the north beach side of the channel, with roads and
parking lot -- J.P. Luby Park in bsiness.

Marina: City Council apparently going for the Landry's proposal, which is heavy on development, it was
recommended that we write letters to the editor expressing our views.

Garbage: Ken Jobe, Chair of the Recycling Committee, knows a lot about the operation of the Corpus Chrislti
solid waste service. He found out more when he got a call from a lady who pays, like others, $40 monthly to
have her gabage picked up near the house rather than at the curb. Her solid waste had been picked up at night
and someone had spray painted a circle on the sidewatk. Ken looked into it, found out that the system had changed.
Special trucks assigned. Didn't know locations. Spray painted. Picked up at odd hours. Had not told customers. Ken
not only helped the "Marked Woman," as he called her, but other customers as a go=betwen with the service.

Frank Hankins, Secretary