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                                       COASTAL BEND SIERRA CLUB GROUP  MEETING MINUTES  April 2014


The Coastal Bend Sierra Club Group (CBSCG) met on Tuesday, April 1 in the Retama Room of the Corpus Christi Public Library at 805 Comanche St. from 12 noon until 1:00 pm.  Due to the absence of Chair Lois Huff, Vice-Chair Mina Williams presided.  After opening the meeting and reminding members that minutes of previous meetings are posted on the CBSCG Website, Mina called for Treasurer Teresa Carrillo’s report.  Teresa reported that the checking account balance is $914.00 and the total balance on the three CD’s is $8269.33.  Teresa announced that several monetary donations had been made by individuals to pay for the Earth Day/ Bay Day sponsorship fee. 


Prior to discussion of club business, Mina introduced a special guest, Sarah L. Garza, of the Port of Corpus Christi (POCC).  Sarah is the Environmental Compliance Manager at the Port.  After her presentation, Sarah answered members’ questions.  When asked if the Port has plans, or would support, having a wildlife sanctuary on the Port Aransas property owned by the Port, Sarah responded that she did not know.  Several members expressed their concerns to Sarah about air monitoring on Port property and level of Port responsiveness to public concerns.  Those interested in reading more about POCC involvement in environmental matters can go to:


Members discussed plans for CBSCG’s participation in Earth Day/ Bay Day on April 12.  Volunteers are needed to work at the booth on that day.  Also, members are asked to bring their back issues of the Sierra magazine to the booth for distribution to interested visitors.  Mina circulated a draft copy of the bookmark prepared by Lois. It will be distributed to visitors who express an interest in club activities and projects.  There was also brief discussion of the May membership bash event.


Hal Suter, who serves on the Lone Star Sierra Executive Committee (ExCom), stated that he would be attending a meeting of that group in the Valley this weekend.  Hal is also currently involved in a Lone Star Sierra/Communications Workers of America project.


Mina and Venice Scheurich reported that the 5th Circuit of Appeals in New Orleans has granted EPA’s motion for another 60 days to reexamine the Goliad aquifer exemption request by Uranium Energy Corporation.


Joyce Jarmon reported that she recently attended an interesting presentation on monitoring wells by a representative of a company which installs them in this area.  She stated that this month’s meeting of the Long Term Health Committee will be on April 2nd.


Teresa Carrillo of Coastal Bend Bays Foundation (CBBF) is a contact person in Nueces County for the 28th Annual Beach Cleanup from 9:00 am until noon on April 26.  For more information, go to: .  Also, Teresa alerted members of the April 29 meeting in Robstown on the Oso Creek Watershed outreach project which is supported by CBBF.  To read about this important project, go to: .


Carolyn Moon informs members on matters of sustainability within the city through her work within the Smart Growth group.  She reported that there is concern within that group over the lack of support by the city for sustainable energy production. This was recently demonstrated by passage of a City Council resolution stating opposition to a proposed wind farm in the Chapman Ranch area.


Submitted by Venice Scheurich on April 1, 2014





Lois Huff



Pat Suter


Chairperson Emeritus

Mina Williams



Teresa Carrillo



Venice Scheurich



Hal Suter


Lone Star Chapter Chair




Venice Scheurich


Conservation Chair

Shelley Fox
Lois Huff
Teresa Carrillo



Venice Scheurich  &
Mina Williams



Uranium Mining &
Ridley Turtles

Carolyn Moon




Hal Suter and Mina Williams





Hal Suter
Teresa Carrillo


Lone Star Chapter Chair and Representative

Joyce Jarmon


Refinery Emissions &
Community Advisory Council/Long Term Health Care

Jack Pope


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