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    April 2006 News  News  Ridley Turtle Update

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                                     "When we try to pick out anything
                                                by itself, we find it
                                                hitched to everything else
                                                in the universe."

                               -John Muir

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Important Events

May 12, 2006

Time: 6pm - 9pm - picnic and Sierra DVD viewing
Place: Pat and Hal Suter's

COASTAL BEND SIERRA CLUB April 2006 Meeting Minutes

The Coastal Bend Sierra Club met from 11:30 am until 12:50 pm at the Central Library on Comanche St. on Tuesday, April 18. Chairperson Pat Suter welcomed members and reminded them that minutes of the meeting would be posted on the web site as usual.

Treasurer Teresa Carrillo reported that the checking account balance is approximately $3500 and that the rest of our funds are invested in stair-step CD’s. A motion was made by Joyce Jarmon and seconded by Kenn Jobe to reconfirm that Teresa Carrillo and Pat Suter are cosigners on the CD’s and that Teresa Carrillo, Mina Williams, and Venice Scheurich are cosigners on the checking account. The motion carried.

Hal Suter reminded members that the April 24th deadline for National Sierra ballots to be in the home office is just a few days away. Three board members will be elected from six candidates. Hal’s impression is that the candidates from Idaho and Montana are especially well qualified. He stated that members wishing more information on the election are welcome to call him. Hal also stated that he has obtained a copy of a DVD which presents the highlights of last September’s National Sierra Summit.

Pat Suter asked members if they would be interested in holding our May meeting at her house where we could have a picnic and view the Summit DVD. Members expressed their desire to do so and the date of Friday, May 12th was chosen. The time is from 6:00 to 9:00 pm.

Edith Cosgrove and Joyce Jarmon, who attend the local industrial committee meetings, reported that Citgo has a new president/manager and that he had attended one of the recent meetings. The main topic of discussion at a recent general meeting was emergency preparedness with emphasis on the 211 system. Calling 211 will give information on handling many emergency situations and should take pressure off of the over burdened 911 system. Edith and Joyce also reported that there had been two very high benzene emissions days in March, but no explanation was given for the high levels.

Venice Scheurich reported that turtle patrols have begun at the National Seashore and that thus far no nesting on the Texas Coast has been detected. However, an adult male Kemp’s ridley was caught on a hook and line on Bob Hall Pier on April 11th and taken to the ARK at Port Aransas for observation. Caretakers/ rescuers named him Pierre and reported that he had a big appetite for squid and was quite feisty. Pierre was outfitted with a satellite transmitter by staff at Padre Island National Seashore and released back into the gulf at the National Seashore on Sunday, April 16th. Dr. Donna Shaver and her staff will monitor his movements.

Pat Suter reported that the Beach Access Coalition’s petition drive to allow citizens to vote on closing some gulf beaches to vehicular traffic has started and that there have already been many enthusiastic signers. Volunteers are needed to work at the courthouse petition tables. Pat also reminded the group that volunteers are needed to work at our booth during the Earth Day/Bay Day event at Cole Park on Saturday, April 22nd.

Submitted by Venice Scheurich

January 2005 Kemp's Ridley Update by Mina Williams & Venice Scheurich


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