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                                     "When we try to pick out anything
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                                                hitched to everything else
                                                in the universe."

                                                                              -John Muir

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Time: 5-7pm
Place: Blucher Nature Center (across from Blucher Park)
              205 N. Carrizo, Corpus Christi

New January 2005 Kemp's Ridley Update by Mina Williams & Venice Scheurich

Coastal Bend Sierra Club April 2005 Meeting Minutes

The Coastal Bend Sierra Club met at the Blucher Nature Center on
April 19 at 11:30 am for the regular monthly meeting.

Chairperson Pat Suter welcomed new members and gave a brief financial
report. Recent expenses included $110 for each of two (March and April)
newsletter mail outs. New member Marco Figueroa was introduced.

Edith Cosgrove, member of the Citizen’s Advisory Committee on Long Term
Health Matters, reported that city-wide monitoring of air for about 60 substances
is now underway and that the raw data is available within 15 minutes of readings
through the TCEQ website. It is hoped that the data will soon be made more user
friendly. It appears that air quality along "refinery row" is better now than in years past.

Pat Suter reported for Kenn Jobe on recycling. The city’s Solid Waste Department will
distribute information on the value and availability of recycling at a booth on
Earth Day/Bay Day. Pat also reported that the Coastal Bend Sierra Club’s booth will have
literature on the issues of water in Texas and Padre Island drilling. Also, tattoos will be
available for the children who visit the booth.

Kathy Griffith received and forwarded the Audubon Action Alert re contacting members of
the US House to request their opposition to drilling in the Artic National Wildlife Refuge.
Pat Suter circulated the alert and appointed Marco Figueroa to contact the office of
Representative Solomon Ortiz with a request that he vote against drilling in the Refuge.
Members are urged to call Rep. Ortiz’s office at 361-883-5868 to request that he oppose
the drilling.

Teresa Carrillo circulated a schedule of events for Earth Day/Bay Day, which will occur in
Cole Park on Saturday April 23. Booths are to be set up by 9:00 am and activities will begin
by 10:00 am with the opening ceremony. Volunteers are needed to work between 10:00 and
4:00 pm. Sierra’s booth is number 130 in tent 6.

Pat Suter reminded the group of Lone Star Sierra’s crab boil at Padre Island National Seashore
on April 23 and of the group’s overnight campout on the beach south of Malaquite Visitors’ Center.

Hal Suter, member of the State Executive Committee, reported on the April 9 meeting in Austin.
Statewide LNG plans were discussed. There are special concerns about facilities planned for the
Houston Ship Channel area. A law suit has been filed in a district court against Shell Oil because of
their plans to use an open loop process in their off shore operations.

The State Executive Committee also discussed and approved the S.T.O.P. application for an
Environmental Justice grant for $3000 to pay for an expert witness in hydrology to testify at the
TCEQ contested case hearing re uranium mining in the Kingsville area. (See the March Meeting
Minutes for more information.)

Hal also announced that the July meeting of the Executive Committee will be in the Rockport area
with Rusty Middleton in charge of arrangements. Regarding elections for national Sierra positions,
Hal reminded members that they can vote on line. Ballots must reach national headquarters by
noon on April 25. Therefore, if using t
raditional mail, they should be mailed by April 22.

Members agreed to have a party from 5 to 7 pm at the Blucher Nature Center on Friday,
May 20 instead of the regular monthly business meeting. All are welcome. Bring your
favorite snack food.

The meeting adjourned at 1:15 pm.


See The Observer on-line

WEDNESDAY NIGHTS AT 8:30PM.  Galaxie Video does an excellent job of
producing the show. 


                     COASTAL BEND GROUP


         *Pat Suter                 852-7938             Chairman

         *Mina WIlliams        882-1179             Vice Chairman

         * Judy Tor             361 -672-4703        Treasurer

         * Venice Scheurich     241-4289          Secretary

         * Hal Suter                 852-7938            Delegate to State


* Venice Scheurich                              Conservation

*Bill Alling                                              Air Quality

*Kathy Griffith       578-5291              Membership & Publicity

* Ken Jobe             993-3737             Recycling

*Hal Suter & Mina Williams                 Political

* Hal Suter          852-7938                   Walks

* Hal Suter           852-7938                Rep. to Lone Star Chapter            

* Kathy Griffith    578-5291                 Field Trips
   Teresa Carrillo      882-3439              Field Trips                

  Cheryl McGrath                                 Webmaster             



Texas State Legislature Online


Hon. Solomon Ortiz                          State Rep. ____
House Office Bldg.                            P.O. Box 2910  
Washington, D.C. 20515-4315       Austin, TX 78768-2910
                                                                32 Gene Seaman
                                                                33 Vilma Luna
                                                                 34 Jaime Capelo

Hon. Kay Bailey Hutchison            Sen. John Cornyn
 Senate Office Building                     Senate Office Building
 Washington, D.C. 20510                 Washington, D.C. 20510

        Senator Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa   Commissioner Jerry Patterson
        P.O. Box 12068                            GLO 1700 Congress Ave.
        Austin, TX 78711                         Austin, Texas 78701

         Commissioner (Chairman)       President George Bush
          TCEQ                                        The White House
          P.O. Box 13087                       Washington, DC
          Austin, TX 78711           
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 Protect America's Environment.
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A Philosophy of Stewardship               
The Sierra Club's statement of Purpose is:  To explore, enjoy and protect the wild places of the earth; to practice and promote the responsible use of the earth's ecosystems and resources; to educate and enlist humanity to protect and restore the quality of the natural and human environment; and to use all lawful means to carry out these objectives.

As a grassroots-based organization, we rely on individuals for our resources, talent, and energy.  Our members are our most important assets.   

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