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                               -John Muir

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The Coastal Bend Sierra Club (CBSC) met at the Main Library on Comanche St. from 12 noon until 1:30 pm on Tuesday, March 5. Chair Lois Huff opened the meeting and asked for the secretary’s report. She noted that a correction of the date for the Membership Bash was needed. Instead of May 13, the correct date is May 16. (See first paragraph on page 2 of the February minutes.) There being no further changes, the minutes were approved.

Membership Chair Danny Lucio reported that 29 members were added in January, which brings the total number of members to 468. Danny also reported that his recommendation for members who wished to participate in meetings from remote locations is to use Google +. He will draft instructions for members wishing to use this type of access, and he can be contacted at 956-970-9214 to discuss details. Also, Danny briefed members on his plan to organize a phone link to all members so they will have an opportunity to conveniently update their contact information and chat with a currently active member. He will bring specifics of this plan to the April meeting.

Hal Suter, Chair of the Lone Star Sierra Club, briefed members on recent state-level developments and coming events. He announced that the Lone Star Awards Banquet will be held in Austin on Saturday, April 6, and reminded members that March 11 is the deadline for nominating candidates for the various awards. Award categories and nominating forms are available on the Lone Star Website. (Later in the meeting, members agreed to submit nominations of two individuals for awards, and Mina Williams and Venice Scheurich accepted responsibility for submitting the nominations to the Lone Star Awards Committee.)

Hal informed members that he and Dr. Al Armendarez had met with officials of the Port of Corpus Christi recently to discuss activity related to shipping coal or oil and liquid natural gas (LNG). While there is minimal interest in coal at the present time, interest in LNG is high. Lone Star Sierra, together with several other environmental organizations, will sponsor a meeting in Austin on April 7 to discuss fracking and oil/natural gas production in South Texas.

Mina Williams and Venice Scheurich reported that the CBSC Website link to Uranium Mining in South Texas was recently updated to include articles describing the current status of uranium activity in Goliad and Kleberg Counties. Of special interest is a report from the Kingsville Record explaining why Uranium Resources Inc. (URI) will not be allowed to proceed with plans to mine in KVD Production Area 3. These two members also report on Sea Turtle Science and Recovery at Padre Island National Seashore, and they stated that the CBSC Website link to that program has been updated recently.

Carolyn Moon follows city sustainability matters and she reported that at least one local builder recently announced that he is now planting Bermuda grass and drought resistant shrubs in his new development areas. In the matter of the Oso Creek, Section 2, development where a builder recently cleared an area of trees and other vegetation which had not been authorized for clearing, Danny Lucio stated that he would stay in contact with Teresa Carrillo and John Adams, who are in contact with city officials on this. Members discussed their resolve to continue pursuing the issue of unauthorized clearing by developers.

(Teresa will supply information at next month’s meeting.)

Joyce Jarmon serves on several community Industry/Long Term Health Committees, and she gave a report of fascinating recent findings, based on TCEQ air monitors, that most of the sulfur dioxide emissions were coming from the ship channel, rather from the refineries. Consequently, fuel types used by ships were modified, and this resulted in a dramatic lowering of sulfur dioxide emissions. Joyce brought a printout of the TCEQ power point presentation detailing the monitor findings and conclusions, which she shared with CBSC members.

Lois Huff reminded members of the next CBBF forum at 6 pm on April 8 at the Del Mar Center for Economic Development at which Lone Star Sierra’s Conservation Chair, Evelyn Merz, will speak and describe the critical need for funds by the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife (TPWD). The state legislature has slashed funds to TPWD, and non-game wildlife projects and parks will suffer without significant financial help. Members are encouraged to attend and bring guests to this important meeting.

In other announcements, Lois appealed for members to volunteer for helping with the booth at Earth Day/Bay Day on April 13, and in helping at the Garage Sale on April 20. Chair Emeritus Pat Suter announced that she has issued a check from the Ken Jobe Memorial Fund to pay for CBSC’s co-sponsorship of Earth Day/Bay Day. Ideas for focus of this year’s booth are needed. Those having items to contribute for the garage sale should bring them—already priced—to Pat Suter’s garage at 1002 Chamberlain on the afternoon of April 19. It is vital that all CBSC members, if possible, lend a helping hand at this fund-raising event. You may call Lois at 361-774-1500 or another member of the Executive Committee to schedule your time to help.

As previously stated, the date for this year’s Membership Bash at Jeanne Adams’ home is May 16. Special guests who will be present for our members to meet and visit with include: Shaleen Walker, new Executive Director of Lone Star Sierra, Tom (Smitty) Smith, Dr. Al Armendarez, and Flavia De La Fuente.

Submitted by Venice Scheurich, March 5, 2013



Lois Huff
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Hal Suter
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