Should This City Be the Waste Dump
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         * Pat Suter                   852-7938              Chairman

         * Randy Berryhill        883-0586        Vice Chairman

         * Judy Tor                  241-2605                Treasurer

         * Dorothy McLaren   883-0435                 Secretary

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March Meeting: March   21, 2000

Art Community Center, 100 Shoreline
Lunch, 11:15 a.m., Business meeting, 12:15 p.m.

(You may bring your lunch to the business meeting if your
time is limited.)

Bill Alling

Bill Alling and I went to Tooele, Utah in February to view the storage and early treatment to deactivate VX, a nerve toxin. Then on March 2 we were given an inspection tour of the local treatment plant which is still under construction. The grand opening will be sometime in late March. Finally in late April, the plant will be ready for the HYDROLYSATE. Some 100 drums are currently in storage at the plant with perhaps 40 more to come. The plant here is a pilot plant. If successful, the main plant will be built in Newport, Indiana where most of the nerve gas is stored.

On another subject, I received notice that Governor Bush is making plans to privatize some state parks. This is very disturbing and we will discuss the proposal at the meeting. Targeted parks include the Davis Mountains, Big Bend Ranch, Guadalupe River, Pedernales Falls, and a few others. Primary purpose seems to be revenue production. Be thinking about what you would like to have our state parks become in the future.