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South Texas Uranium News
updated 9/21/09

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Coastal Bend Sierra Club's Comments on TCEQ's Draft Rules for UraniumMining in Texas


COASTAL BEND SIERRA CLUB  February 2010 Meeting Minutes

The Coastal Bend Sierra Club (CBSC) met on Tuesday, February 2, from 11:30 am until 1:30 pm at the Central Library, 805 Comanche Street.  After welcoming members and reminding them that meeting minutes are on the CBSC website, Chairperson Pat Suter received the treasurer’s report from Teresa Carrillo.  The current checking account balance is $1123.52, and the total CD balance is $4,228.79 plus interest accrued after January 5.  Teresa reminded the group that both CD’s will mature on June 10, 2010.  She stated that the current interest is more than 3%, but the renewal rate will probably be lower.

Chairperson Suter announced that CBSC’s representative on the city’s recycling committee, Kenn Jobe,  died suddenly last week and that members should consider how we now wish to be represented on the Clean City Committee, which includes recycling, in the future.  Pat stated that anyone interested in  becoming an official voting member of that committee would be required to go through the formal application process for being appointed to a city committee.  However, she also stated that any citizen   wishing to be involved in committee proceedings, but not as a voting member, could participate in meetings, and she encouraged members to consider doing so.   Pat reminded members that the Coastal Bend Bays Foundation (CBBF) is sponsoring a public forum at 5:30 pm at TAMU-CC on recycling.  For particulars, see the CBBF website.

Shelley Fox reported that the Yahoo Group for CBSC has been created, and she agreed to e-mail to Pat specific instructions for members who wish to participate. Pat will then distribute them via newsletter, and request that a link to the Yahoo Group be placed on the CBSC website.   Pat and Shelley will be moderators of the group postings.

Lois Huff, Teresa Carrillo, and Shelley Fox have discussed the possibility of CBSC hosting a membership information and appreciation party this spring.  They suggested that some date in May would be appropriate, and members agreed.   More information will be given in March or April.

Next on the agenda was a report by Lone Star Sierra’s Chairperson, Hal Suter, on Lone Star Sierra’s political activity.  Hal stated that due to “time compressions” because of needed reorganization of Lone Star’s Political Committee, it is very unlikely that endorsements will be made for races in the primaries this year.  Edith Cosgrove stated that early voting will begin on February 16, and she asked where a complete list of positions and candidates can be found.  Lois Huff replied that the League of Women Voters’ website has a link to that information.   Hal gave information on candidate qualifications for some of the statewide positions.

CBSC’s representatives on the area industrial committees, Joyce Jarmon, Edith Cosgrove, and Pat Suter, reported that TCEQ has removed benzene from the constant watch list.  This action was the result of monitors showing that the rolling average of benzene in the air detected by area monitors has dropped sufficiently.  However, some of the monitors have reported a few spikes in benzene emissions recently.  It is thought these elevated levels were caused by worn or faulty seals at one of the refineries.

Mina Williams and Venice Scheurich reported that TCEQ’s Executive Director has notified Goliad County officials that Uranium Energy Corporation (UEC) has met minimum statutory requirements in its first application for a Production Area Authorization (PAA-1) to begin in-situ uranium mining in that county.  However, the county has requested and been granted a contested case hearing into this matter.   The county will submit its pre-file direct testimony by February 19, and the hearing will be held from May 4 to May 13.

Pat Suter reported that she had received information from Senator Chuy Hinojosa’s office on issues that the senate interim committees are addressing.  In particular, the Natural Resources Committee is reviewing processes related to regulating, managing, and monitoring some matters dealing with air and water for which CBSC may have specific comments and suggestions.

Pat also announced that Earth Day/Bay Day will be held at Cole Park on Saturday, April 17, and stated that if CBSC wants to participate as a sponsor, we will need to contribute $500 to CBBF.   Treasurer Teresa Carrillo suggested that we appeal to all members for contributions to defray some of the cost.   There was unanimous agreement with this suggestion.

Before adjournment, Teresa announced that the Lone Star Executive Committee will, for the first time this year, give an award for an Environmental Artistic contribution.  This is open to musical as well as visual contributions.  Notify Teresa if you would like to nominate someone for this award.   On another matter, Teresa stated that the San Marcos River Authority has made significant contributions to conservation of Texas water resources and urged members to view their website for particulars.

Submitted by Venice Scheurich, February 2, 2010  


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Pat Suter 852-7938 Chairman    
Mina Williams 882-1179 V.Chairman
Teresa Carrillo 361-672-4703 Treasurer
Venice Scheurich  241-4289 Secretary
Hal Suter 852-7938 Lone Star Chapter   Represent.
Recycling 993-3737 Kenn Jobe
Venice Scheurich  &
Mina Williams


Uranium Mining
Bill Alling 289-9090 Air Quality
Kathy Griffith   Membership/Publicity/Audubon
Club Liason
Hal Suter and Mina
852-7938 Political
Hal Suter 852-7938 Walks
Hal Suter
Teresa Carrillo
852-7938 Representataive to Lone Star Chapter
Joyce Jarmon   Refinery Emissions &
Community Advisory Council/Long Term Health Care
Edie Cosgrove   Refinery Emissions
Cheryl McGrath   Webmaster

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