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The Coastal Bend Sierra Club (CBSC) met at the Main Library on Comanche St. from 12 noon until 1:30 pm on Tuesday, February 5. After opening the meeting, Chairperson Lois Huff asked for the secretary’s report and Secretary Venice Scheurich circulated a copy of last month’s meeting minutes which were approved. (Monthly meeting minutes are posted on the club’s website.) Lois next asked for the treasurer’s report from Treasurer Teresa Carrillo, who stated that the only change from last month is that one check for $47 was issued for expenses which leaves approximately $1,100 in the checking account.

Hal Suter, Chair of the Lone Star Sierra Club, gave a report of the recent Executive Committee (ExCom) meeting in Austin. Coastal Bend Sierrans Teresa Carrillo and Danny Lucio are also members of the ExCom. Hal and Danny reported that the new Lone Star Executive Director, Scheleen Walker, met with the Chapter where topics of Skyping future meetings, State water issues before the Legislature, Las Brisas, fund-raising for the Lone Star Chapter, a "Beyond Natural Gas" project, and several other issues were discussed.

Mina Williams reported that some issues of uranium mining in Goliad and Kleberg Counties are being litigated at the present time, and if there are significant decisions prior to the March meeting, an update will be given at that time. Mina also reports on the Sea Turtle Science and Recovery Project at Padre Island National Seashore and reminded members that now is the time to volunteer for the next nesting season. (A list of important deadline dates for potential volunteers will be posted on the CBSC Website.) Additional turtle news was given by Mary Maul, who reported that two species of turtles, spiny soft shell and red ear sliders, were recently seen at the Hans and Pat Suter Park.

Teresa Carrillo served on the TRRC Eagle Ford Task Force and announced that their report should be released soon. She also works with the Region N Water Planning Group and the Nueces Estuary Advisory Council. The Region N group will have its next meeting in March.

Carolyn Moon follows City of Corpus Christi sustainability matters. She reported that developers and city engineers are having discussions on infrastructure needs which will encourage development in the city ("micro-cities within the city") rather than development in far outlying suburbs. In a related matter, members discussed the recent incident in which a developer in the Oso Creek Park area destroyed large trees outside of the authorized area. A motion was made by Mina Williams and seconded by Carolyn Moon that CBSC support efforts to further define development there. The motion carried and Teresa Carrillo volunteered to contact and work with John Adams to address this issue.

Joyce Jarmon, who serves on the Industry/Long Term Health Committee, stated that there have been no meetings of that committee this month. Joyce also serves on the Local Emergency Planning Committee and reported that that committee meeting conflicted with today’s CBSC meeting which she chose to attend.

Danny Lucio is working on membership and he reported that CBSC currently has 450 members. He also reminded members that the next forum topic of the Coastal Bend Bays Foundation (CBBF) will be a presentation on the "State of the Port" which will brief attendees on recent happenings at the Port of Corpus Christi.

Considerable time was spent discussing fundraising for CBSC and the Lone Star Sierra Chapter. The tentative date of April 20 was set for a garage sale--dependent on whether members contribute sufficient items for a successful sale. Proceeds would be used to replenish the CBSC checking/operating account. May 13 is the date chosen for the annual Membership Bash Fundraiser, which would raise funds for the Lone Star Chapter as well as for CBSC. Pat Suter moved that the CBSC ExCom members, Hal Suter, Teresa Carrillo, and Danny Lucio, decide on particulars for this event. Carolyn Moon seconded the motion and it passed.

Lois Huff read an email from Jim Klein asking CBSC to allocate $35.00 to print a CBSC advertisement/announcement in a bulletin announcing the upcoming 2013 Social Forum cosponsored by the Center for Progressive Studies and Culture and the TAMUCC Department of Psychology. Teresa Carrillo moved that CBSC grant Jim’s request; her motion was seconded by Carolyn Moon and it carried.

In other announcements, Lois Huff reminded members that volunteers are needed to work at the April 13 Earth Day/Bay Day booth, that members are invited to the next Coastal Issues Forum to be held at 6:00 pm on February 11 at the Del Mar Center for Economic Development , and that volunteers are needed to coordinate Outdoor Recreational Activities. Lois also reported that webmaster Cheryl McGrath has placed a membership link to Lone Star Sierra on the CBSC Website.

 As indicated in last month’s minutes, the tribute to long-time active Coastal Ben Sierran Edith Cosgrove, which appeared in the January 2013 Audubon Outdoor Club Newsletter, appears below.
                     EDITH COSGROVE
     I'm very sorry to once again send you all the
message that we have lost one of our long time members -
Edith Cosgrove.
     She had returned from Colorado this fall, had to
have surgery on her back and was recovering well. She had
moved into the Holmgren Center into the assisted living
portion of that facility.
     She suddenly took a turn for the worse. She had
been doing well, working on her new place, gone to get her
hair done etc. and then pow.  There was no clear diagnosis
and although her condition was very, very bad - in fact
they moved her to hospice care at Trinity - she seemed to
improve, was able to talk, eat some broth etc., but evidently
that was all the strength she had as she died sometime
Saturday, Dec. 15.
     Bob Creglow has talked to her sister and she did
not have any other information at this time.  Edith wanted
to be cremated and buried in Colorado near her husband.
At this time no services are planned and probably not to be
     Edith and Joyce Jarmon for years made certain
that our newsletters and books reached all our members -
they were our mail detail.  I can't even begin to think how
many trips they made to the postoffice, mailing out the
AOC news - keeping us all in the loop.  Edith didn't have
the time to enjoy not making that monthly trip.  We will
miss her.                                                  -Leah

Ed. Note: Edie mailed the newletter for the editor before
me, and continued since 1993 when I became Editor.


Submitted by Venice Scheurich on February 5, 2013

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