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Place: Blucher Nature Center (across from Blucher Park)
              205 N. Carrizo, Corpus Christi

SIERRA CLUBFebruary 2004 Meeting Minutes

The Agenda consisted of a report by Hal Suter on contested political races
in the March 9 Texas primary, planning for Earth Day/Bay Day on April 17,
and Ken Jobe’s report on the Corpus Christi’s recycling program..

But first, lest readers not be aware of the crisis in the Sierra Club governance,
this reporter has been authorized to summarize its impact.

Associated Press: SAN FRANCISCO Feb. 11 — Three candidates running for the
Sierra Club's governing board sued the powerful environmental group and its top
officials, claiming they are unfairly trying to influence the club's upcoming election.
The candidates filed the lawsuit Monday … against the Sierra Club President Larry Fahn
and Executive Director Carl Pope. They want the court to bar the club from using resources
to back certain candidates. (Read: They don’t want Sierra members to know what’s
going on –FH). The plaintiffs Richard Lamm, Frank Morris and David Pimentel gathered a
bout 400 signatures to get their names on next month's ballot, while eight of the other candidates
were nominated by board members. (None of the three plaintiffs appears to ever have attended
a Sierra Club group at any level; Governor Lamm of Colorado joined up just before running
for the Board of Directors. FH).

The lawsuit claims the Sierra Club is violating California state law and it's own rules by supporting
nominated candidates over petition candidates. However, President Fahn said the lawsuit distracts
from the club's mission. "Their basic motive is to muzzle the leadership from notifying members
about what's happening in this election," he said, (For more details, go to

Hal is on a state Sierra political group where members in various parts of the state make
recommendations on local, state, and national races. With lthe approval of members present,
Hal is recommending to the state group: John Kerry for President, Lloyd Doggett for
Congressional District 25 and Abel Herrero for State Representative, District 34.

Pat Suter took us through preparations for Earth Day/Bay Day April 17 at the U.S. Naval Air Station.
If NAS has to be secured that day, the event would be held at the Navy Soccer Field. Volunteers are
needed; please contact Teresa Carrillo at Sierra will have a booth with lots of
handouts, etc. ATTENTION: You must have a picture ID –such as a driver’s license – to get in.

Ken Jobe, a member of the Mayor’s Advisory Council on Recycling and Waste Reduction,
high-lighted four of seven Advisory Council recommendations sent to the Corpus Christi City
Council: (1) Buy Recycled, with City departments leading the way;. (2) Once-a-week garbage
and recycling, using automated capabilities. (3) Drop-off Centers for bulky brush and recyclables.
(4) Recycling Surveys to determine what would increase participation in recycling.

Frank Hankins, Secretary

See The Observer on-line
Information on Packery Channel Issue

WEDNESDAY NIGHTS AT 8:30PM.  Galaxie Video does an excellent job of
producing the show. 

                     COASTAL BEND GROUP


         * Pat Suter                   852-7938        Chairman

         *Mina WIlliams                                     Vice Chairman

         * Judy Tor            630 -241-2605        Treasurer

         * Frank Hankins          991-4637          Secretary

         * Hal Suter                   852-7938         Delegate to State


* Venice Scheurich                              Marine

*Joyce Jarmon                                      Air Quality

*Kathy Griffith,     578-5291              Membership & Publicity

* Ken Jobe             993-3737             Recycling

*Hal Suter & Mina Williams                  Political

* Frank Hankins     991-4637             Environmental Justice

* Sheril Smith                                        International Population

* Pat Suter                                            Parks and Refuges