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                 Water Shores Meeting
                 Thursday, February 7, at 5:30 p.m.
                 Basement of City Hall.

At this meeting Leon Loeb is scheduled to make a presentation concerning his
4.5 acre land fill across from the coliseum. The commission is also scheduled
to discuss last month's presentation by the city staff on the plans for the
Please plan to attend if you are interested in these issues. Last month
we had 10 people at the meeting of the Commission and 15 present at the
presentation by Loeb at the Bays Foundation meeting.
Check out our website for more details.

See The Observer on-line for more.

Time:  11:15 for Lunch; 12:15 Meeting
Place:  Art Community Center, 100 Shoreline

We discussed the City of Corpus Christi’s plans for possible privatization of the
Marinaand also a private-public venture proposed by a local developer to
construct in the Marina a 3.45 acre addition to the seawall across from
Memorial Coliseum. It would contain commercial buildings of one and two
stories and one four-story structure for apartments. Both proposals
present environmental problems. Keep tuned. See The Observer on-line for more.

The group approved a list of questions drawn up by Pat for the League of Women Voters’
consideration in their questionnaire to candidates for County Judge and Commissioners
and State Senate and House of Representatives. Questions included such topics as litter
and trash on county roads; beach erosion and safety, especially water contamination;
and habitat loss due to urban sprawl.

To state candidates: "Will you work for" more funds for habitat/wildlife protection, control of
coastal development, and for enforcement of Sunset Rules for the TNRCC.

State Sierra sent a list of 14 Chapter conservation priorities, with an additional issue option.
Coastal Bend Sierra was asked to select what we considered the five most important issues
to be pursued in 2002 and 2003. With Henry Berryhill walking us through the list, we selected
these five: Clean Air, Coastal Resources Management , Energy Policy, Environmental Agency
Reform, and Water Resource Management and Protection. Population Pressure/Control was
chosen as our "additional issue" as to be a basic factor underlying all of the other issues.

Pat offered to check with Citgo Petroleum Corp. on a tour date for the Club -- preferably a Saturday –
and let us know.

Frank Hankins, Secretary