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Should This City Be the Waste Dump
              for Chemical Weapons Residue??
              Bill Alling's Letter to The Caller-Times
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           CBBEP   by Frank Hankins - see January 2000 Newsletter
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                               COASTAL BEND GROUP
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         * Pat Suter                   852-7938              Chairman

         * Randy Berryhill        883-0586        Vice Chairman

         * Judy Tor                  241-2605                Treasurer

         * Dorothy McLaren   883-0435                 Secretary

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February Meeting: February 15, 2000

Art Community Center, 100 Shoreline
Lunch, 11:15 a.m., Business meeting, 12:15 p.m.

(You may bring your lunch to the business meeting if your
time is limited.)

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Mr. Wes Felts  described this new venture near Rockport and brought
a king snake (below left) and a water moccasin (below right) to illustrate
the educational programs the Reptile Rescue Ranch  provides.

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Committee reports at the February meeting included news about the atttempt to stop erosion in drainage ditches by lining them with concrete.

The January meeting was an exceptionally interesting one with all members present having something to report on their special activities. In my view, this is the way it should be. I came across a quote from the writings of Edward Everett Hale (author of THE MAN WITHOUT A COUNTRY) which follows.

"I am only one,

But still I am one.

I cannot do everything,

But still I can do something;

And because I cannot do everything,

I will not refuse to do the something that I can do." (1871)

There is so much to do. If each of us will do what we can, then a lot will be accomplished.

Our plea in the January Newsletter for contributions was very successful and the anonymous donor contributed the promised $500. We are still shy of the amount which was matched. At any rate, we are now solvent, but will still hold the spring garage sale in April. A printed newsletter will come out then.



FEBRUARY 24-27. Port Aransas Civic Center. A CELEBRATION OF WHOOPING CRANES AND OTHER BIRDS. Seminars field trips. 1-800-45-COAST

FEBRUARY: Nature Programs. Brazos Bend State Park, Richmond 409-553-5101.

FEBRUARY: Plantation House and grounds tours, Varner-Hogg Plantation. West Columbia. 409-345-4656

FEBRUARY 9, 21: Intracoastal Whooping Crane Tour, Matagorda Island, Port O"Connor, 361-983-2215.

FEBRUARY 19: Wild Boar Safari, Fennessey Ranch, Refugio. 361-529-6600.

FEBRUARY 20: Beachcombing, Matagorda Island, Port O'Conner 361-983-2215.