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South Texas Uranium News    
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The Coastal Bend Sierra Club (CBSC) met at the main library on Comanche Street from 11:30 am until 1:30 pm on Tuesday, December 18.  After greeting members and guests and reminding them that meeting minutes are posted on the CBSC website, Chair Pat Suter asked for the treasurer’s report.  Treasurer Teresa Carrillo stated that the balance in the checking account is $1,396.17 and the current total amount for the three CDs is $8,175.81.  Teresa suggested that CBSC consider having a garage sale, perhaps in February, and she requested that members bring their ideas for other fund-raising projects to the next meeting.

Membership Chair Lois Huff reported that CBSC now has 450 members and 422 memberships.  She also reported that meetings with the Islander Student Environmental Action League (ISEAL) have been encouraging thus far, and she hopes that they can continue in the spring semester even though there may need to be a meeting place and time change.

Hal Suter, who is chair of the Lone Star Sierra Chapter’s Executive Committee (EXCOM), stated that the new Lone Star Executive Director will assume her duties on January 1st.   Hal also reported on his participation in a recent consortium in New Orleans on the potential environmental and other effects of coal export plants.  Some of the participants noted the role that Corpus Christi area groups are having on efforts to permit the proposed coke-burning Las Brisas Plant in the city.

Teresa Carrillo, ExCom member, reminded the group that the Sunset Review of the Texas Railroad Commission (TRRC) has recently been completed.  Also, Teresa has served on the TRRC’s Eagle Ford Task Force, and she reported that their work has been completed and their final report will soon be issued.

Mina Williams and Venice Scheurich, who monitor uranium industry activity in South Texas, gave a brief description of the current status of those activities in Goliad and Kleberg Counties.

Joyce Jarmon, a long-standing member of the community’s industrial and long-term health committees, reported that the past month had seen several spikes in benzene emissions at the CITGO facility.  Spokesmen for that company attribute most of these short-time spikes to tank covers or seals which need replacing, and they stated that the replacements are planned for 2013.

Carolyn Moon attends many City of Corpus Christi council meetings and follows sustainability matters within the city.  She expressed her concern about city hiking trails which have been constructed of concrete rather than of more user and environmentally friendly materials.  Members expressed agreement with Carolyn’s concern, and they also expressed their alarm over a developer clear-cutting a large strip of land which is within a designated city park area.

Chair Pat Suter informed the group that she is stepping down as CBSC Chairperson.  She announced that four individuals have agreed to serve as officers for 2013, and she proposed that they be elected by acclamation.  Carolyn Moon moved that the following members be elected by acclamation:  Lois Huff, Chairperson;   Mina Williams, Vice-Chairperson;  Venice  Scheurich, Secretary;  and Teresa Carrillo, Treasurer.   Her motion was seconded by Jim Holm, and it was approved.  

Teresa Carrillo moved that Hal Suter be reelected as the Coastal Bend Sierra representative to the Lone Star Sierra ExCom.   The motion was seconded by Carolyn Moon, and it was approved by acclamation.

Members expressed their deep gratitude to Pat Suter for her many years of outstanding service as Chairperson of the Coastal Bend Sierra Group, and Teresa Carrillo moved that Pat be elected to the office of Chairperson Emeritus (until a more appropriate title is bestowed. The motion was seconded by Carolyn Moon, and it was approved by acclamation.

Carolyn Moon suggested that a more convenient meeting schedule for monthly planning meetings might be the first, rather than the third, Tuesday.  It was noted in the ensuing discussion that the first Tuesday of January would be January 1st, and that we might leave the January meeting on the third Tuesday, January 15, and begin the new schedule of meeting on the first Tuesday in February of 2013.  This was so moved by Teresa Carrillo, seconded by Lois Huff, and agreed to by acclamation.

Hal Suter reminded members that the ExCom is considering the possibility of using Skype to conduct some future meetings of Lone Star groups which cover large geographic areas.  Jim Holm, a CBSC member who lives in Victoria, expressed interest in this possibility, and he agreed to look into the feasibility of using Skype for our group.   

A Special Note:  As a special tribute to long-time active member Edith Cosgrove, who died recently, members dedicated today’s meeting to her memory.

Submitted by Venice Scheurich on December 18, 2012


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