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  Oct/Nov. 04 News    RIDLEY UPDATE-new shrimping regulation



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Place: Blucher Nature Center (across from Blucher Park)
              205 N. Carrizo, Corpus Christi

SIERRA CLUB October  & Nov. 2004 Meeting Minutes

The Coasta Bend Sierra Club Group met a the Blutcher Nature Center for
their regular monthly luncheon and planning meeting. A lot of items were covered.

1. The Garage Sale cleared approximately $900 dollars in the most successful sale ever.

2. The group will receive some $211.23 from the allotment from national at the rate
of $0.50 per member. So we now have 423 members on record. Sure wish more
were active on a continual basis.

3. Committee reports were as followed:

a. Hal Suter (our representative to the Lone Star Chapter Ex-Com meeting reported
the meetings in Austin November 13 and 14. He said that the state is in fair
political shape, in contrast with national, as we did succeed in electing some
good people from around the state to the legislature. The best success was
here in Corpus Christi with the election of Abel Herrero to the House.

He also presented the conservation priorities for the next year.
These are water resource management and protection, clean air,
land conservation, protection Padre Island National Seashore, responsible
and environmentally-sound energy pollicy, and others of a national priority.

4. A report was made by Joyce Jarmon and Edie Cosgrove on the Community Health
fair held October 30. Over 5000 attended.

5 Teresa Carrillo reported on the report from the National Wildlife Federation on BAYS IN PERIL.
She will make a presentation to Region N Water Planning Group on Thursday, November 18.

6. Teresa Carrillo and Pat Suter will represent this group at a meeting in Port Aransas public scoping meeting on the Proposed Texas National Esturaine Research (TxNERR). on November.
Rusty Middleton will do the same in Rockport.

Pat Suter reported that Sierra members comprised just half of the attendees at the joint meeting
of the Bays Foundation and Coastal Bend Sierra. The meeting was on
Innovative Water Management Strategies in South Texas by James Dodson. His talk was mostly on
capturing and storing water underground instead of building new dams
and reservoirs.

Pat Suter, Chair