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South Texas Uranium News
- Update 1/30/09

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COASTAL BEND SIERRA CLUB January 2009 Meeting Minutes

The Coastal Bend Sierra Club (CBSC) met on Tuesday, January 6, from 11:30 am until 1:15 pm at the Central Library at 805 Comanche St. Chairperson Pat Suter welcomed members, reminded them that meeting minutes are on the CBSC website, and asked Treasurer Teresa Carrillo for a report. Teresa’s report indicated that expenses of $90.02 were paid last month and that the checking account balance is $1568.69. Three laddered CD’s totaling approximately $7080 are invested and mature between June 2009 and June 2010.

Pat Suter announced that geologist Dr. Richard Watson of Port Aransas would speak and show pictures of Hurricane Ike’s impact on the Texas Coast at 7 pm on January 15, at the Corpus Christi Science Museum.

Joyce Jarmon, Edith Cosgrove, and Pat Suter represent CBSC on the area’s three Industrial Advisory Committees. Joyce stated that the Long Term Health Committee will resume meetings on January 14, and that members are especially interested in air monitoring of benzene emissions.

Hal Suter, CBSC’s representative on the Lone Star Sierra Executive Committee, reminded members that the deadline for mailing ballots to vote for Teresa Carrillo as an at large member of the ExCom is January 8. The ballot is contained in the latest Lone Star Sierran. Teresa is a current member of the ExCom, and is running for reelection in a field of six candidates from which four will be chosen.

Hal Suter also serves as CBSC’s Political Chair and is active in the recently formed Clean Economy Coalition which is monitoring the efforts of Chase Co. to obtain permits from TCEQ to build the Las Brisas power plant. The Nueces County Medical Society will hold a press conference on Friday, January 9, to state their opposition to building the plant as now proposed. The plant would burn coke and would double local air emissions, which would cause the city to be out of compliance in some areas. Interested individuals are invited to attend coalition meetings which will be held at 3 pm every Sunday at 413 Waco St.

On a matter of statewide interest, Hal reported that the Sunset Commission voted to recommend a complete overhaul of TXDOT. They are calling for removing the positions for five commissioners in favor of one appointed position, and are also recommending that TXDOT be reviewed every four years in the future.

Mina Williams and Venice Scheurich represent CBSC on in situ uranium mining in South Texas and reported on their morning’s attendance in Goliad of that county’s Uranium Research and Advisory Committee. They also gave an update on recent news items and videos which have been posted on the CBSC website and reminded members that the website contains a category containing uranium news under the heading "South Texas Uranium News."

Lois Huff, Executive Director of Coastal Bend Bays Foundation (CBBF), announced dates and topics of several upcoming events sponsored by that organization. The January 12 forum at 5:30 pm on the TAMU-CC campus, will have as a guest speaker John LaRue of the Port of Corpus Christi. He will outline Port projects and will answer questions from the audience about activities which involve the Port. Lois also informed members that a forum on air emissions, featuring Dr. Martinez and Dr. John of TAMU, will be held in Sinton on January 26. Also, Dr. Martinez, whose specialty is mercury in emissions, will speak at the CBBF forum in Corpus Christi on February 9. Additionally, Lois stated that the annual Earth Day/Bay Day event will be on April 18 this year and she is hoping that CBSC will again lend its support.

Teresa Carrillo, who serves on the Region N Water Planning Group, announced that the Region’s 20-year plan has been posted on the Nueces River Authority’s website and that members who wish to comment on the plan may do so on the link provided at that site. Teresa will draft the official CBSC comment.

Pat and Hal Suter attended the December planning meeting in Palacios for the new nature preserve made possible by the Trull Foundation. More than twenty acres have been secured in that area which will provide the public an opportunity to observe and understand wetlands preservation.

Linda May has agreed to be the CBSC representative working with the Palacios group in the future. In addition, Linda will attend the Harte Institute’s workshop on habitat management in March.

Submitted by Venice Scheurich, January 6, 2009



                       EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE

Pat Suter 852-7938 Chairman    
Mina Williams 882-1179 V.Chairman
Teresa Carrillo 361-672-4703 Treasurer
Venice Scheurich  241-4289 Secretary
Hal Suter 852-7938 Lone Star Chapter   Represent.
Recycling 993-3737 Kenn Jobe
Venice Scheurich  &
Mina Williams


Uranium Mining
Bill Alling 289-9090 Air Quality
Kathy Griffith 578-5291 Membership/Publicity/Audubon
Club Liason
Hal Suter and Mina
852-7938 Political
Hal Suter 852-7938 Walks
Hal Suter
Teresa Carrillo
852-7938 Representataive to Lone Star Chapter
Joyce Jarmon   Refinery Emissions &
Community Advisory Council/Long Term Health Care
Edie Cosgrove   Refinery Emissions
Cheryl McGrath   Webmaster

  Cheryl McGrath      Webmaster



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    Mayor Henry Garrett                                           District 1 Bill Kelly
    Business: 826-3100                                               Business: 888-6600
    Mobile: 850-3113                                                  Mobile: 815-7314
    email:                               email: BILL@BILLKELLYONLINE.COM

    District 2 John Marez

    District 3 Pricilla Leal                                         District 4 Mike McCutchon
    Home: 853-1748                                                  Business: 883-6211
    Mobile:537-1746                                                 Mobile: 853-4745
    email:           email: MMCUTCH@STX.RR.COM

District 5 Larry Elizondo                                    At Large: Nelda Martinez
Home: 844-5259                                                  Business: 779-7938
Mobile: 991-2680                                                Mobile (city) 826-3105
email:                   email:

At Large: Melody Cooper
Business: 887-8014
Mobile: 74-4170

At Large: Mike Hummell
Business: 883-3563
Home: 906-0782


Hon. Solomon Ortiz                         State Rep. ____
House Office Bldg.                           P.O. Box 2910  
Washington, D.C. 20515-4315       Austin, TX 78768-2910
                                                                Solomon Ortiz, Jr.
                                                                Abel Herrero
                                                                Juan Garcia

Hon. Kay Bailey Hutchison            Sen. John Cornyn
 Senate Office Building                   Senate Office Building
 Washington, D.C. 20510                Washington, D.C. 20510

        Senator Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa    Commissioner Jerry Patterson
        P.O. Box 12068                            GLO 1700 Congress Ave.
        Austin, TX 78711-2068                 Austin, Texas 78701

         Commissioner (Chairman)                                          
         P.O. Box 13087                      
         Austin, TX 78711        


        President George Bush
        The White House
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