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Place: Blucher Nature Center (across from Blucher Park)
              205 N. Carrizo, Corpus Christi

SIERRA CLUB February 2004 Meeting Minutes

Pat Suter, Chair, called to order the regular monthly meeting at the
Blucher Nature Center (205 N. Carrizo). She had a thick copy of a
Draft South Central Area Development Plan, issued by the
Corpus Christi City Planning Commission. A public meeting had been
set for January 22.

A mailed notice stated: "The City of Corpus Christi invites you to comment
on the proposed Plan for the downtown, uptown, Marina, Bayfront Arts and
Science Park and surrounding areas. Learn how the draft Plan addresses
environmental issues, land use, transportation, economic development,
public services, capital improvement needs and more in the downtown,
uptown and bayfront areas."

(Go to http://www..cctexas.com for a look.) Our group talked mostly of the
environmental issues and transportation, i.e., downtown--bayfront bus or trolley line.

Hal Suter reported on a meeting of the Lone Star Chapter Excom that he and
Pat attended. New Lone Star State chairs were elected. Hal was elected Chair
of the Political Group, where members in various parts of the state give input
on local and regional races. Issues discussed at the meeting included the right
to appear before state agencies, At present, one has to have "Standing" in order
to speak, i.e. you or the one you represent has to have certain station or status as
set out by the agency. Other issues discussed were privatization of now-public water, conservation vs. privatization of natural resources (as in oil drilling on Padre Island National Seashore), and
immigration and population.

Ken Jobe reported that the City is looking into a once a week garbage and recycle
collections. To promote recycling, Ken suggested handing out recycling information
at large public events and he offered to make large-scale poster versions of some
appropriate Bill Mauldin slides shown at the last meeting. Which leads into the last
item on the Agenda: viewing large-scale versions of Mauldin slides that can be used
for presentations on population problems.

Frank Hankins, Secretary