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                          COASTAL BEND SIERRA CLUB GROUP  Meeting Minutes December 2014


The Coastal Bend Sierra Club Group (CBSCG) met on Tuesday, December 2 in the Retama Room of the Corpus Christi Public Library at 805 Comanche Street from 12:00 noon until 1:26 pm. 


After opening the meeting, Chairperson Lois Huff stated that minutes from previous meetings are posted on the CBSCG Website:  The first item of new business was a brief discussion of whether CBSCG would sign on to the Teaming with Wildlife organization, and Lois agreed to call Lone Star Conservation Chair Evelyn Merz to discuss the mission statement of that group.  Also under new business, Lois announced that Marty Johnson of the local World Affairs Council group had requested program/speaker ideas from CBSCG members.  There were two topics suggested for future programs:  Climate Change and the Blue Green Alliance.


Next on the agenda was the election of officers for 2015.  Pat Suter moved to reelect the current officers; the motion was seconded by Carolyn Moon and it passed by acclamation.  Officers reelected are:  Lois Huff, Chair; Mina Williams, Vice-Chair; Venice Scheurich, Secretary; Teresa Carrillo, Treasurer; and Hal Suter, CBSCG Representative to the Lone Star Sierra Executive Committee (ExCom).


Members decided to continue meeting next year in the Retama Room at noon on the first Tuesday of the month, and they are considering having additional evening meetings on specific topics if a suitable location can be found and if members have an interest in such meetings.  Also discussed was the matter of CBSCG sending a resolution to the Lone Star Sierra Executive Committee next January to request that Lone Star staff consult with CBSCG members before making critical decisions on matters that have an impact on water, air, wildlife and wilderness by industrial/developmental operations in the Coastal Bend.


Several reports were made by members who regularly participate in and monitor various activities of interest to CBSCG.  ExCom member Hal Suter reported that Lone Star Executive Director Scheleen Walker has recently resigned and that a Lone Star Sierra search committee has interviewed several applicants for the open position.  The committee hopes to soon make a decision to fill that position.


Mina Williams reported that personnel and volunteers at Padre Island National Seashore held a public release for green sea turtles that had been cold-stunned in early November.  The release, witnessed by approximately 2500 Park visitors, was held at the National Seashore on November 28.  Mina also reported that the International Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle Symposium was held this month in Brownsville where scientists focused attention on the alarming recent decline in Kemp’s ridley nesting.


Venice Scheurich reported that the EPA’s proposed rule revision for 40 CFR Part 192 involving in-situ uranium extraction is working its way through the bureaucratic process and is expected to be published soon in the Federal Register.  She also stated that the TRRC contested case hearing on the oil/gas open pit waste disposal near Nordheim in DeWitt County has been held, but the final decision by TRRC commissioners has not yet been announced.  Meanwhile, articles on this proposal have been published in the Scientific American, the New York Times, and the Texas Observer.  See, for example: .


Carolyn Moon works with the Bay Area Smart Growth Initiative group, and she reported that some of their members met recently with the Albanian attendees at the local World Affairs Council meeting.  Carolyn is hopeful that the occurrences and results of such meetings will have a positive impact on sustainability matters within our region and city.


Joyce Jarmon attends monthly meetings and monitors matters related to Industry and Long Term Health.  She stated that the November 12 meeting was very well attended and that the program was especially informative and interesting.  Joyce displayed bar graphs presented at the meeting which indicate that benzene emissions in our area are declining and ozone emissions are lessening.  She also reported much positive news re the Port of Corpus Christi’s air monitoring activities and educational programs in local schools.  Additionally, Joyce attended a recent luncheon for neighbors of the Citgo refinery which was hosted by the new refinery manager. 


Submitted by Venice Scheurich on December 2, 2014





Lois Huff



Pat Suter


Chairperson Emeritus

Mina Williams



Teresa Carrillo



Venice Scheurich



Hal Suter


Lone Star Chapter Chair




Venice Scheurich


Conservation Chair

Shelley Fox
Lois Huff
Teresa Carrillo



Venice Scheurich  &
Mina Williams



Uranium Mining &
Ridley Turtles

Carolyn Moon




Hal Suter and Mina Williams





Hal Suter
Teresa Carrillo


Lone Star Chapter Chair and Representative

Joyce Jarmon


Refinery Emissions &
Community Advisory Council/Long Term Health Care

Jack Pope


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