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                        COASTAL BEND SIERRA CLUB GROUP  Meeting Minutes  September 2014


The Coastal Bend Sierra Club Group (CBSCG) met on Tuesday, September 2 in the Retama Room of the Corpus Christi Public Library at 805 Comanche Street from 12 noon until 1:30 pm.


After opening the meeting, Chairperson Lois Huff introduced Dr. Patricia Reinhardt Mondragon,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        who spoke about efforts of EnviroEd’s approach to environmental stewardship.  She highlighted several of that group’s ongoing approaches toward creating a cleaner and safer city.  Volunteers are needed and more information is available by calling 361-949-1300 or by logging on to:


The first item of new business was discussion of how and when to publicize the petition, authored by member Carolyn Moon, on the Padre Island land stewardship issue. (Go to:; see “Keep Padre Island Wild and Free Petition.”)  It was decided that Lois Huff would be in touch with the appropriate staff at Lone Star Sierra and request that the petition be circulated to leaders on the Lone Star List Serve e-mail list.


Hal Suter, who serves on the Lone Star Sierra Executive Committee, reported that he has analyzed responses from District 27 candidate for the U.S. House, Wesley Reed, and Hal recommended that our group endorse Reed for the District 27 position.  Carolyn Moon moved that Hal notify National Sierra on behalf of CBSCG to endorse Reed; the motion was seconded by Pat Suter, and it passed.  During the Lone Star Chapter update, Hal described ongoing work by Lone Star Sierra as endorsements for state offices are now being determined.


In another item of new business, Lois announced that she is appointing Jack Pope and Teresa Carrillo to serve on the nominating committee.  Lois also appointed Hal Suter, Mina Williams, Carolyn Moon, Pat Suter, and John Adams to serve with her on a Planning Committee.  In addition, Lois announced that she will soon solicit from all members their suggestions for high priority environmental issues that should be addressed by local elected officials.


Next on the agenda, members who regularly monitor discussions and actions taken by committees on matters of area and local concern made their reports.  Venice Scheurich stated that the CBSCG website has recently been updated with current information about uranium mining in South Texas, and also with information on this season’s Kemp’s ridley sea turtle nesting.  She also reported that she and Mina Williams recently attended a meeting with land owners in DeWitt and Karnes Counties who met with representatives of European investors in Panna Maria, Texas.  The investors are interested in learning directly from residents in the Eagle Ford Shale area about their experiences with environmental or health impacts on their families from the oil/gas play.  These visitors have also met with several U.S. oil/gas company executives and with officials at TCEQ and TRRC.


Jack Pope, who monitors topics discussed on the Industry/Long Term Health committees, reported that meetings of those groups are expected to resume later this month.  Carolyn Moon follows matters of sustainability within city jurisdiction and she reported on recent discussions and city council action on the issue of wind farms south of the city.  This was followed by further general discussion of the “pros and cons” of wind and other sustainable energy matters.


Submitted by Venice Scheurich on September 2, 2014       





Lois Huff



Pat Suter


Chairperson Emeritus

Mina Williams



Teresa Carrillo



Venice Scheurich



Hal Suter


Lone Star Chapter Chair




Venice Scheurich


Conservation Chair

Shelley Fox
Lois Huff
Teresa Carrillo



Venice Scheurich  &
Mina Williams



Uranium Mining &
Ridley Turtles

Carolyn Moon




Hal Suter and Mina Williams





Hal Suter
Teresa Carrillo


Lone Star Chapter Chair and Representative

Joyce Jarmon


Refinery Emissions &
Community Advisory Council/Long Term Health Care

Jack Pope


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