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There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew. - Marshall McLuhan

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We have at most ten years...
not ten years to decide upon action, but ten years to
fundamentally alter the trajectory of global greenhouse emissions.
James Hansen, NASA climatologist


Deconstruction is the environmentally sound side of building demolition. It is a process by which a building is taken apart in order to salvage all or part of the building materials. Deconstruction is the reality is some parts of the world—the most impoverished and the most progressive. For more visit our Sustainability page.

Energy Policy Recommendations

In November, 2007, the Alamo Group of the Sierra Club unveiled its Energy Policy Recommendations for the City of San Antonio and CPS Energy. Our plan has been well received and praised for its comprehensive, thoughtful approach and thorough documentation. Highlights include:

  • Set a goal that 30% of electrical demand be met by renewable sources in the year 2025
  • Make energy conservation a policy priority within City of San Antonio operations
  • Diversify San Antonio's energy sources to include solar, geothermal, combined heat and power, and expanded wind power
  • Maintain and expand succesful energy conservation rebate programs
  • Encourage energy efficiency gains through building codes, land use rules, zoning, and point-of-sale efficiency requirements
  • Increase transportation options by creating an integrated system linking streetcars or light rail, bus, bus rapid transit, bike, and walking paths
  • Establish a time-based tiered rate structure to reduce peak demand
  • Enhance San Antonio's economic development through leadership in energy technology and expertise

To learn more, visit our Energy Page. Click the report's cover image above to view the full report in pfd format.

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The choices we make and the products we buy demonstrate our commitment to maintaining a healthy planet.

We know you want to do your share to curb global warming, so the Sierra Club has prepared a list of the top ten ways you can help. Share these ideas with family, friends and coworkers. Click to learn more.

ten things to stop global warming

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The Alamo Group of the Sierra Club has committed to helping San Antonio and south Texas make the changes that will reduce our energy use and ease global warming.

Reversing global warming may be the most difficult thing humanity has ever done... but it will also be the achievement we can be most proud of. Our campaign is called Cool Cities, and it's part of a national movement that involves over 500 cities throughout the United States. To read more about the Sierra Club's Cool Cities campaign, click here.

Mayor Hardberger
Mayor Hardberger Signs
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Signs U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement

The Alamo Group of the Sierra Club's Cool Cities campaign scored a major victory on April 21, 2007 when San Antonio Mayor Phil Hardberger signed the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement at a special Earth Day ceremony. With this bold stroke San Antonio became the 465th city in the U.S. to endorse the agreement. We applaud the mayor for his courageous leadership on environmental issues and look forward to helping San Antonio make the changes that will help curb global climate crisis. Sierra Club members were invited by city staff to flank the mayor for the signing ceremony. Present were Jerry Morrisey, Loyd Cortez, Loretta Van Coppenolle, Dave Klar, Christel Villarreal, Beck Steiner, Stephen Colley, Barbara McMillin, Margaret Cone, David Frank, Doris Johnston, and Tom Dukes.

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